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2021-07-17 01:01:07 (UTC)

Waste of life

Ever feel like a waste? we are given this one chance to live. and then die. so we have to build a legacy to be remembered or to go and die in a corner forgotten by all.

today i saw this roadside seller person. a beggar selling something. in the rain. he was dressed in ragged clothes. going from car to car on the traffic signal in haste to sell his products. i could see the sense of urgency in the way he was scattering from one car to another flagging them down to buy his shit. maybe he was hungry and he needed to sell and make some money.. i was in my office. in the airconditioned comfort. made me think on how his state of mind would be. how we write here on our mental struggles and relationship shit and there this human alone in the cold rain has nobody...

walking home i see plenty of homeless and beggars. just sitting there. below the closed shop with arms stretched out. i don't look at them. i dont know. can you? can you look a beggar in the eye? i don't think you would. you will feel awkward that you have the life that he wishes. while you wish you had the life of someone else.

ever wonder how the millions of those who die all over alone somewhere under a bridge or far from anyone. what would their last thoughts be like? do they wish they had someone with them??


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