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2021-07-16 16:17:16 (UTC)

16th of July, 2021

4:17 PM CEST

Sorry that I haven't written in a while, (I'm apologizing to a diary - I think I've lost it) but life has been hectic, which is odd, considering that it's been all quiet and boring around here lately. Literally, nothing has happened. Tried out my new bike. Ate. Slept. Badly, but still. I'm running out of fanfiction to read. Maybe I should go back to Harry Potter.

It's funny. The fanfic is often better than the books themselves. As you can probably tell, I don't like Harry Potter. The films were it for me. Why do people not like the films? They're awesome! The soundtracks, the special effects, the action scenes....the ACTING! Bloody good stuff.

Oh, and I'm currently listening to "Ocean Eyes" by Billie Eilish on Spotify. She's such a great singer. Like, seriously good. Her voice is gorgeous, and I LOVE her clothing style. I think I may be a fan. Have I mentioned that I love her? Man, can she sing or what?

My playlist on Spotify speaks volumes about my inner self. I don't listen to one single genre. It's literally just chaos. Like my brain. Just pure and unrestrained chaos. I only have one Danish song on it. "Puch Maxi" by HJÆLP.

Fun Fact: The Puch Maxi is actually a moped that was first manufactured by the Austrian company "Puch" during the 1970s and 1980s. You can still buy them online. I actually really like the look of mopeds. Maybe I should buy one when I'm older? When I have the money for it, anyway. So far I only have a couple of hundred DKK in my bank account...and I'm 16 and therefore still live with my parents. Besides, I just got a bike! Don't need a moped just yet. Would be kinda sick to have one though.

Ugh, I'm convinced my internet connection hates me. And I'm now listening to "The Evil Folk" by KAAZE and Nino Lucarelli. Don't know who they are, but I'm totally in love with this song.

"In the dead of night, do your demons come alive..."

Took the words straight from my mouth. I like songs that speak to me...and have a good beat. Oooooh, my parents just put the sprinkler outside. I gotta go film this!!!!

I love sprinklers.

4:48 PM CEST

Anndd I'm back. Sprinklers are fricking cool. Don't ask why. They just are.

Speaking of water in general...I was watering the plants yesterday and discovered something strange.

The wasps decided to make themselves home under one of the bigger plants. I sprayed them with water because I'm a terrible person and then instantly regretted it as they started to frantically pour out of the little hole. Oops? The only reasonable excuse I have is that I find it difficult to control my impulses. My frontal lope says to my cerebrum, (or is it the other way around?) "Hey, dude, wanna do something totally wild?" and my cerebrum is like, "FUCK YEAH", with few exceptions.


Anyway, the reason why the sprinkler is out is that we're having a drought. Ergo, the grass is bone-dry. Dry grass and extreme heat (It's 30 degrees Celsius, which is very, very hot here in Denmark. My eldest sister got heatstroke recently because of it) are non-mixy things.

Did you get the reference? If not, watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The fricking show invented its own slanguage. (Slang language) It's called Buffyspeak. Neat, huh?

"My spider-sense is tingling." 😂 (Buffy didn't invent the word "Spider-Sense" - though it was one of the first TV shows to use the phrase "Google it!" - but it sure does confirm that Buffy, while not a huge reader, has read the Spiderman comics - Face it, Buffy, you're a closet geek, though your fashion sense begs to differ)

Don't get me wrong. Geeks are cool. I'm one after all. Then again, I do have a tendency to diss myself, so maybe I don't think Geeks are cool just because I am one. Gosh, I think that this is my longest entry yet. You'll love reading this, I think. Or maybe you'll run away screaming. Some of the stuff I say is pretty goshdarn morbid. If you decide to stay and continue reading the rest, you sure are brave.

The sprinkler's still running. (Maybe I'll go stand outside and watch the sprinkler) And I just now realized that there's nothing coming out of my headset. (I paused it because I wanted to film the sprinkler - don't judge me. It's fascinating to watch, 'kay?)

I can't wait to get my new smartphone. I found one I really liked on Amazon. It's an outdoor one called the "Doogee". It's the only one I want 'cos it's got these really cool features. It's waterproof. Dustproof (don't quite understand what that means yet) as well as shockproof! And it can film underwater. UNDERWATER. Plus, it's not all that expensive. It costs about 1413 DKK. If you're an upper-middle-class (we're not really wealthy...but we do live comfortably) family living in a suburban neighbourhood, you can easily afford it.

1423 DKK


282 CAD
224 USD
190 EUR

Anyway, I gotta go now. See ya next entry!

6:36 PM CEST

P.S I ran through the sprinkler. I can now die happy.