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2021-07-16 12:16:47 (UTC)


July 16, 2021

Serious, already have someone asking? North Korea, designed their internet and not at all connected to outside web. China for example, your able to download their type of facebook or view by entering on any search engine baidu

You get to brag about how you were tricked into spending money on a fake service… but in all seriousness, you can’t connect to a North Korean VPN server because North Korea is separated from the rest of the internet by design. The same way you can’t connect to a server on Jupiter, you cant connect to NK.
im a chinese, a vpn helps me access google,facebook etc.

but people usually not do this just because they have no need. for communicating with each other,we have WeChat etc,but not Facebook. we use baidu instead of Google。if I want to watch some videos, we have Tencent-video or youku.

you know, 1.4 billion population is enough to maintain some big Internet companies
That’s how most of my friends and business associates in China access the internet. That’s what I do when I visit China (unfortunately, not as often as I would like to). The story behind VPNs is actually far more complex than a mere censorship. After all, many VPN services are Chinese-owned and many legitimate businesses in China use them to conduct their business.

It boils down to the Great Firewall of China being means to two ends:

It initially served as a way of protecting Chinese online businesses from their mostly American counterparts. It’s not needed anymore. WeChat, Alibaba, Tencent and even small businesses and startups in China are far superior to pretty much anything US-based
Data access. Law enforcement and judiciary have it tough requesting data from foreign businesses not under their jurisdictions. Hell, even supposedly democratic Brasil had to block WhatsApp on multiple occasions during various high profile judicial processes. And, WhatsApp is a preferred communication channel for many Brasilians and businesses

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