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2021-07-16 17:48:00 (UTC)

Female loki?

Season one ended with glorious end. haaah.

The way Mobius went all out and pulled his leg with him getting fancy with a female version of himself got me thinking. it makes sense. to me that is.

Personally when you find it hard to make friends with people who have similar interest and when you find that one person it's like an Eurrreeekkaaa moment of bliss. I have been lucky to find a few like minded people here. all scattered all over. ironical that the humans i grew up with moved further away with time and i can't connect to them that much.

We tend to compartmentalize shit. Part of you which are shared with differernet humans. But is there anyone where you can be yourself and share anything which comes to your mind? no matter how dark and very important that the said person also shares your level of excitement. now that shit is rare. i can't explain the connection. not in words. its not love. its not romantic love. but it's like a mix of loyalty and relief and mutual trust you have. I have my childhood friends who i can't share what i love right now. None of them like metalmusic. None of them like blood and gore and science. And i find such people scattered all over the globe and i can only communicate online for now.

sure i can tell them i wanna kill a whole bunch of scum. but im looking for the person who says "sure ill get the ammo" im not looking for the person who says "ohhhkkaay sure" or a "hmmmmm".

On another topic i don't know what you all have against Black Widow. i enjoyed the movie.