If I die today
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2021-07-15 13:59:56 (UTC)

problems problem solving

last night slept close to 9 till a bit after 5 reall close to 520 I got up but tired. had tacos from the taco truck last night for dinner. An order is in for tommorw for walmart delivery groceries I ordered we agreeded to (I think) skip yesterdays shopping and due the delivery then it was a bit of headache grabbing dinner for last night so we went to tonys tacotruck instead. today is headaches in life. Still no word back from iPatt since I said I live with my boyfriend now. on todays walk the dog stopped in the middle of the road (the second time in days) after his first poop already and tried to poop so I started to drag him then he fought back and was resistng tryin to slip out his collar and I went to pick him up and he yelped. I didnt even touch him IDK. This is the second time he's done that and he knows better. Anyhow I need to think on how to train him nDea said I could put a harness on him so may try that but also maybe I need to spefically praise him and have a word for poop when he poops in the right places althou I know he already knows better maybe I can teach him something? Idk I have to problems solve and on that note my old cell phone I did break down and get set up to unlock the laundry its not working and the office isnt super super helpful I mean they are grudgly helping but its uncomfortable and all male too so ugh IDK. Then well I'm failing real bad at everything chorees are a wreck and well hell I cant seem to cook anything right. so I need to problem solve. I walked to the store today had some good prayer time. had all my vitimains today I'm fat or bloated or something IDK anyhow did todays workout too. i'm stuck on trying to find what I am actually good at and get some building ground to try to really live.

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