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2021-07-15 14:56:04 (UTC)

Post vacation bliss

i was away for a week on vacation, during which i didn't see Master and only communicated a few times. So needless to say it was heaven earlier this week to return and get to spend time with Him both just catching up on one another and of course being intimate and having the opportunity to please Him.

Early this week was typically busy for both of us so we didn't get to visit until Tuesday. We didn't have a huge amount of time together but it was clear what He wanted and suffice to say i don't think i disappointed his hopes and wishes. It didn't take long so He was either very much in need or i performed very well. Maybe a little of each! :-)

Yesterday i was home alone and able to give Him my complete and undivided attention. i was commanded to be completely naked when we met. How dare i even think of not living up to His instructions.

The mental and physical foreplay was beyond description. We dove deep to our darkest corners to please one another in every way. So much of this is mental, and we both thrive on making each other so acutely aware of the other's presence and what it signifies. Suffice it to day that i believe we both reached very high heights and as i rode atop Him until reaching that crest, we both crashed back to earth and collapsed into each other's arms in a heap.

i adore and love my Master like no other. There is no other. Never has been. Never will.