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2021-07-16 00:38:16 (UTC)

Google this and google that...

So there is something called a library. a place where there are something called as books. which is something made of paper and has something written on it or typed or printed. all i said were in chronological order. if you think about it.

a storage of information is essential for any civilization to carry on with it's tasks. the medium has changed over the years from scrolls to something which starts with a G and no it's not that hard to find ...wink wink.

once Google came into existense the information we needed came to us and we never looked back again. it was like we were privilaged to get it. like it was always there. Google wouldn't be around without the invention of the internet. and the internet was invented cause of a person being too lazy to carry his work form office to home and so forth. and this still holds true as the youth are just too fuckign lazy to go out and get some information. they rather just google it.

how did we manage to learn anything before google? but what is google? its not a website. its an index. you know an index? like before you start a book the list of chapters and shit. thats the index. now imagine this unlimited storage entity with an index of everything you ever need to know.

before we learn something we must find it. to find it we had the library. now only for the nerds. and also details told to us just by word of mouth. we had study halls and room. we had plenty of pen and paper being carried around. we learnt to take notes. we made phone calls. we asked around. we communicated with humans and not machines.


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