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2041-11-05 13:55:00 (UTC)

04/10/2019: The Loser Gang Got Arrested for lost of the Green Card:

What are you doing in Canada?

What are you doing in Canada?

We're part of an elite high school terrorist team.

Strike Force Wisconsin!

Uh, we just came here to get the beer, and I love Rush.

Fly by night!

Well, if ham's Canadian bacon, then what the hell do you call bacon?

Me no speaka ze English.

What's your business in Canada?

What's your business in Canada?

What? Getting beer.

Every once in a while, do you ever get an American nickel in your change?

Me no understando.

What's your reason for coming to Canada, eh?

What's your rea...

Shut up!

Yeah, I'm here to nail Margaret Trudeau.

Been there. Yeah.

Done that.




Are those snowshoes hard to walk in?

They're tennis rackets, aren't they?

Wee fooby dibby dooby.