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2021-07-15 12:42:17 (UTC)

Verizon talk agent.

I love talking to computers, then they have these live people that will answer after awhile if the computer can't figure out what the heck is going on. Well, I decided to check out this contract I took out three years ago, as to why my iPhone and other stuff was costing so much since I thought after talking to real p[people during business hours had taken care of it. Well, real business live people didn't do a damn thing after checking out my bill. Was higher than when I paid two items off, The Hum and the chrome book and even the iPad. But, never used that Chrome book ever even. Being charged just the same. Then I should get a military discount of $25.00 and seen only $15.00. This is how the conversation went.
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Verizon Agent
Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to Verizon Wireless!
Verizon Agent
How can I assist you today?
Reading contract, I am to get $25.00 deduction as military? Why is it only $15.00 I have two line correct?
Verizon Agent
Just to clarify, are you inquiring about your military discount for the account?
Verizon Agent
No worries, if that's the case, I'll be more than happy to assist you in clarifying it.
Ok, waiting
Verizon Agent
Before we proceed though, since I would like to address you properly, could you please confirm your name?
John Lewis code (removed)
Verizon Agent
Cool! Thanks for confirming, John!
Verizon Agent
No need for the account.
You have a name? Instead of Version agent.
Verizon Agent
My name is Sam, your Verizon specialist.
Morning Sam, did I wake you? lol
Verizon Agent
Nope. 😀
Verizon Agent
Now, if you'll allow me, I'd like to check and review the account.
Verizon Agent
Would that be fine?
Verizon Agent
Great! Thanks for understanding!
Verizon Agent
I'll be back shortly!
Ill be waiting, nothing else to do.
Verizon Agent
Thanks for patiently waiting! I've taken a closer look into the account and it appears that although that you have the $15.00 credit for the military discount you also have discounts for the Chromebook and Samsung tablet.
Both those are paid off. But, Chromebook, never have used . Useless to me. Only use Samsung Tablet and iPhone.
Verizon Agent
In that case, are you looking to disconnect the line for the Chromebook?
Should have been disconnected long time ago. I use only tablet and iPhone. Been told bill should be around $110.00 and made me call this morning as still high. Why?
Verizon Agent
Upon checking here, it appears that the reason why the bill is still high is because of the Chrome book that is still connected. With that said, I can process the disconnection for you so that you won't need to worry about having a high bill each month.
Verizon Agent
What do you say?
OK, Now the iPad and iPhone will be the two connected with unlimited data?
Verizon Agent
Yes, once I process the disconnection those will be the two remaining devices on the account with unlimited data.
Ok, that is what I was told last time. As can see from data, never used chrome book for months. Charges were paid. Can that be corrected?
Verizon Agent
Shall I process the disconnection for you?
Yes, but still following up with more questions. This first time I ever looked over contract in three years now.
Verizon Agent
If the disconnection is processed, there will be a credited for the charges that has already reflected on this month's bill.
How much? Verify numbers working after correction please.
Verizon Agent
Good question! The credits will be around $25.00
Numbers I show should be only last four; 8389 and 8420?
Verizon Agent
Once the disconnection is processed, the only lines that will remain are ending in *8420 and *8389.
Sam mad or what?
Verizon Agent
I'm sorry?
Ok, thanks for that. Now, why not military discount of $25.00 and only $15.00?
Like I said first time I evert looked at all this stuff.
You runaway?
Guess I need to call back? 15 minutes and no reply and your still connected to me?
Not Delivered
Ah disconnected just when Sam read last message?? Calling back
At this point I will be calling back as still wondering why live people working from home, can't reply to simple questions then why are they still working? Of course I will also post follow up here when I am done. This old man can find problems anytime of the morning day or evening. Just takes time to work on all the crap I have to do when retired. I have a list of them and add more daily. But, can only do one at a time, then once settled then onto something else after I calm down and rest for awhile.