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2021-07-15 14:52:24 (UTC)

The connection.

The connection between money and fame and happiness. It's partly our fault too. The fans and the public.

To be a successful celebrity theres a lot of pressure to perform and give your best. Which pays good. But then leads to anxiety and all of them famous people make these talk shows on how money doesn't lead to happiness. What if, you make a shit load of money and then quit and retire. Stop working for them. You don't have to prove yourself anymore. you have the money so you won't starve to death. So i guess that will solve the whole how much money we need to be happy issue.

Famous people are victims to their own success. You can't have one without the other. Some cope well. Others want more and more.

The cast of FRIENDS or any hit sitcom are paid millions per episode. Do the math. Over decades calculate how much they have collected. If you minus the lavish house and the lifestyle they can pretty much retire and move to a small house and do the small shit which gives them inner peace. they got the money.

More money also has more problems. More tax. but they all find ways to evade it so thats a no brainer. During the pandemic it was hilarious when the celebrities preeched to us to stay at home. Easy for them to say that from their ten bedroom mansion. Hahhaha!! what a blunder.
the media trolled them for that. that was epic.

the world as we know it has changed forever. this pandemic isn't new. the human species has been wiped off the earth plenty times before. If this same pandemic happened decades back, it wouldn't have spread so much. No airlines. No tech. Yes that small village or town would be wiped out but it would have ended there. Now we can travel all over in just a few hours so it's a party for the virus, we actually made it easier for the virus to spread. And then we got the nerve to blame the virus. there was no facebook or twitter so they couldn't make it all about themselves. When you all blow out stuff out of proportions its a sign that you crave that media attention like rest of the petty folks. humans suffer and die all the time. its just we live in an age where you can be an idiot but also spread it all over to the rest of us. Before you were an asshole but to your neighbors or close friends. Now you have that capability to literally piss off anyone anywhere in the world. Now that's one heck of a step forward..haaahhha.

When i hear talks on how the virus to be blamed i always say that it's also our fault as a selfish species cause we let it spread. But humans don't like to take the blame you see. it's like internally programmed or something. they gotta blame someone else for their stupid shit. sometimes God and sometimes the work of the devil. but never themselves. ohh noooo they are so rightous they can't do no worng..



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