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2021-07-15 00:22:02 (UTC)

Did a double session again 🏋️‍♂️

So this gym challenge got me lit up, We need to get 30 sessions done in 6 weeks. I've done 5 sessions in three days by doing a couple of double classes. Don't know how I'm doing it without falling flat on my face but somehow I am. People think I'm crazy and I don't disagree with them. Going to gym at weird times that I never go to so I'm meeting a lot of new gym peeps now. You know, there is actually a 5AM class. It boggles the mind on how people can attend a crossfit class at 5 in the morning but they do and it's the busiest class of the day. Go figure. Must be a zombie workout or something because working out at 5AM to me is not humanly possible.

I'm doing fantabulous with my meal plans and still zero vino🍷. I'm already losing weight but I won't weigh myself till next Monday. I will only weigh in once a week. Pretty sure I'll have lost at least a couple of pounds by next Monday but we shall see. Getting closer to my gym sidekick. The one that made me join to help her be inspired. Anyway, it's time for bed soon. Got another 7AM class to attend.

Lunch today was that instant chicken with buku broccoli and dinner was more of the same chicken in a salad which consisted of spring salad mix, spinach, red onions, slivered almonds, dried cranberries, and low cal italian dressing. Tasted pretty good and it was healthy as can be. Topped it off with yogurt later that night and maybe 5 strawberries. Lots and lots of water.

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