If I die today
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2021-07-14 13:33:50 (UTC)

gall the pain

Right now I have this pain right upper was triggered right after a burito for lunch but its the same pain I've been dealing with it. I'm going to look into if this is a gall bladder pain. Slep tossing and turning last night since before 9 but I woke up at 1030 on nDea like sideways and a few more times before 5 I woke up in weird spots all over. No melation last night 2 days in a row (today is 2 ) have replaced the afternnon coffee with v8. Fast food burgers and fries (double fries for me bc I ate nDea's too) and a powerade dulited i dulited with wwater. We havent grocery shopped yet so slim pickens. High obnoious sounding gad last night after dinner but also I took several probotics throu out the day yesterday and of course there was the poptart and odd sh!t Ive been eating. Suppose I better start to look at some good food choices and put the demand on for grocery shopping today. but I need to budget kindly I dont wanna be a food snob on his dime. Anyhow iPatt text me this afternnon just seeing how summer was and possible bible study in sept she was saying. Then the question of course was asked am I still living in the same place we havnt text more since I replied im in the trailer with my boyfriend saving money for a duledx townhouse or nice mobile home. So maybe coincence or well you know the concern me and men and as far as values its gonna be hard for a "vhristian " to support or justify living with my boyfriend so from that perspecitive legalistly I'm in sin. Anyhow went to nDea's sister for help getting in the laundry we had a good chat she's having dating problems anyhow it was a good chance to bond. I'm having anxiety in myself lately that I didt mention or share but lets say do I really think nDea's gonna marry me. Its reasonable for him to be concerned since well my many marrigaes and the whole trfficing thing and so on but i dont wanna die living with my boyfriend nor him die living with his girlfriend. This isnt how I wanna leave the world granted theres time bc my legal divorce but still what if this is in how long should I wait. What am i doing. i read today after lunch regretfully after so pot too but I read in matthew about the days wage and the servants hired at the last hour then I meant to read rev 14 but I wonder if I read 12. anyhow then I napped. worried my lifes in vain. didnt accomplish much chorewise today not that I'm doing anything right anyway. have to keep on trying thou. well I guess I better start to get ideas for some eay foods for my gallbladder and have some idea of what Id like at the store

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