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2021-07-15 02:13:30 (UTC)

money buys you happiness.

i was watching this video about the celebrities saying that with all their fame they ain't happy. that to me is illogical. money is the key to happiness. thats what i feel.

be practical. without money you won't have anything. no clothes, no wifi cause you can't pay the bill and no electricity etc. so question is how much money do you need to be happy. answer is there is no limit.

a wise person will use the millions of dollars and spend to balance out his wants and needs. i remember studying wants and needs in economics in high school. a poor man isn't happy. not capable of being happy. that inner peace is all bullshit. you often sleep hungry and cold out in the streets and still find inner peace? money is the key as long as you don't want more and more and make it complicated.

having lots of money is bad. having very little is bad. so what is good then? backtrack any problem you have and the root of it is money. the modern world moves in a way that if you don't have money you can't be happy..


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