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2021-07-14 07:21:51 (UTC)

What time and day is it? 🤷🏽‍♂️

Waking up in weird hrs of the night. I’m getting good night sleeps but just not sure of what time it is when I wake up. Not sure if I need to hurry up and not be late for something or if it’s just time to get up to have dinner. Routine has changed and change is just fine with me. I’m all for ch-ch-ch-changes. Lol. Sorry, the song popped up in my head.

I know for sure it’s Wednesday morning because it’s garbage pickup day and I hear the trucks. It’s early morning. Too early to start work and even though I will sneak in a gym class this morning, it’s still too early to get ready for it too so I have time to “zen out”. Got some leftover coffee to heat up and just adding plain old truvia to it. Sigh.. Funny how I can do without alcohol but not coffee.

I had my instapot dinner last night. I actually like how it turned out. Food always comes out tender, cooks very quickly and the seasoning really penetrates into the meat. Had that last night with rice….. Cauliflower rice that is. No vino and just water.

Water in combination of you working out is good for you From what I recall reading, you don’t really burn fat away. Now I don’t know if this is true but I read this. Fat is passed through with the release of water. So exhaling vapors, sweating, peeing, etc, etc isn’t just releasing water, it’s also releasing fat and this is if you are working out too. Drinking water helps flush out fat faster. Again, with the combo of working out. You won’t get good results just from drinking water. You also cannot and I repeat you cannot breath rapidly and hard to get rid of your fat so don’t try that. You’ll only pass out trying. Anyway, I recall trying it once and it does in fact work. Or at least it worked for me.

Now on to the social pulse of society. I can’t believe what I watched is the norm. One lady on tic tok said that if you’re getting an engagement ring, you should expect, at least a 3 carat diamond ring. I’m thinking huh? She expands her reasoning by saying a man should get you 3 carats because if he can’t, then you know you can’t be supported by him. Now I didn’t scope out prices on diamond rings lately. I mean I got a carat for my now ex wife but a good quality carat was what I thought sufficient and enough. But this tic tok lady also added that if the relationship doesn’t work out, you can sell the ring!! I hope to God this is not the norm and that people don’t listen to her. The average income a man in the U.S. makes is about $57,000. Now I make about $115,000 now and 3 carats is still way too much for my blood. I dunno. I figure it would be money better spent on a downpayment for a home, maybe a wedding then wedding trip somewhere far and away? Or just save that kind of money for enhancing our future for man and wife? And this is coming from me, Mr. impulse shopper. This can’t be what society is spitting out nowadays. At least I hope not. This makes me not want to get married again. I already accrued my retirement/nest egg and not wanting to give half of that away anytime soon. I'd rather I blow it on some phone call from someone in Nigeria telling me I need to be with my princess if I just give them my social security number and retirement. Now that to me is easier to swallow :)

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