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2053-08-06 14:05:00 (UTC)

MLB Starting July 16:

This Friday July 16, we have the starting Switch Ups on the regular day schedule. On July 15, 2021 the one schedule day will be held for the Friday Regular Week.
Thursday July 15:
Thursday July 15: Red Sox Vs Yankees: ESPN: 4:08PM
Team Yankees: Alexa S, Aletse F, Dani P, Nat A, Mau A, Nicole R, Kassandra H, Mark M and Brandon M.
Team Red Sox (Sorry for the Late Writing): Ashleigh Maya A, Daisy Z, Alondra Barajas, Leslie C, Daniela D, Brooke Ashley M, Gissel R, Paulina Bena and Victor Z.
Friday July 16:
Morning: 11:10AM:

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