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2021-07-13 22:54:17 (UTC)

Gym stuff and society 🤔

I hate to be serious because there are so many things going on that can scare people. But the scariest thing that happened today? Scares the crap outta me. I did a 3D body scan at my gym. I sent a link to it down below…..NOT!!!! Cool machine. You stand on this platform with just your tight boxers. Input stuff about your body and it does an external scan of your body while the platform slowly spins you around. The image is sent to your email along with graphs, scales, and stats about your body. Holy crap!!! I knew I didn’t want to see it but when I did, I didn’t want to see it even more. I regret taking it now but it is a mandatory thing to do a before and after this challenge. Sigh...Kinda depressing and I can’t have any wine so this sucks.

My body is still adapting to my new workout regime. Diet has changed so it doesn’t know what’s what. I don’t think I’m having any alcohol relapse but it’s only day 2. Sleeping is all jacked up. I go to morning crossfit classes and evening classes so my body doesn’t know when to sleep. I’m not getting 8 sequential hrs of sleep. It’s broken up into pieces. Today, I woke up at 8. Wasn’t sure if it was 8AM the next day or 8AM the same day. It ended up being 8PM today. Body don’t even have the same restroom routine anymore.

Can’t really complain. We no longer have any Covid restrictions as far as what I do daily. In fact, Covid helped shape our work environment for the better. We’re still ironing it out but we now have options of working at home or going to the office. Once we get it ironed out of course. I can take power naps any time of the day between appointments. Work life is pretty good I’d say.

I also been reading and watching about other social issues. One poll is slightly alarming. This isn’t verbatim but I believe it said something like 80-90% of the women wants to only date the top 10-20% of the men. Meaning that any man below the top 20% will be poop outta luck. Meanwhile, stats from the men indicate they will date a little below their level and up. So I’m not sure if that’s true but that’s crappy to hear. The bad about this for the women (supposedly) is that the top tier dudes just go from woman to woman and never committing. Sort of like the lion in the herd. Again, not sure since I’m just a regular Joe-shmoe. It’s been said that women want the 6 pack, 6’, and 6 figure salary type of a guy. Well, sucks to be me I guess. I can maybe show a 2 pack after a gym workout and the light is shining just right. I don’t even have a 6 pack in the fridge anymore. Never gonna be abovet 5’6”. I do have the 6 figure salary but one out of three doesn’t cut it. Oh yeah, you need to be an Alpha male too. I may be thinking old school but I think having a man-card may be the same thing.

That’s it for now as far as random thoughts bouncing around in my head because I really don’t have any drama going on so I just take a peek at what society is presenting.
OH wait! I did get a new insta pot and tossed some chicken breasts in there with just a potpourri of ingredients. Not sure I can replicate the recipe if it turns out good. I just used ingredients that are weight loss approved. Here is the before glob that I tossed in my new insta pot.

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