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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-07-13 23:46:50 (UTC)

Oh my squiddly I

Ed's agreed to do a MMF with me and my new boyfriend lololol.....as a result ed has been wanking all night since I asked, "How would you feel about doing an MMF sesh with me and my new man without the gay stuff?"

He said, "Of course xx we only live once" among other things lol.

My man has asked me to go with him to a friends party on Saturday too other than our night out Thursday in that fancy pod 😁 and he also invited me away for a long weekend too as his client needs an architectural plan done for the holiday home by the beach and we're going to stay there alone. As well as the four days away next week.

He is so romantic but naughty like me.
I think my sex life is about to explode 🤤 Heaven!

All exciting stuff! 😋 Life is wonderful xx