If I die today
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2021-07-13 14:16:16 (UTC)

eating diffrent

having a v8 energy drink now as my afternoon pick me up in place of coffee. Just showered. mom called after I had jsut finishined my video workoutso chatted then showered a little later than I set out. Not that I have things to do. just routines. So had all my excersise today a run and video. All my vitimatian taken. Oh and I ate a poptart or well pieces of a crumbled up poptart pack. I lived. that was well around 9ish before chores. Well it wasnt as great as I'dd hoped. Also had some tina's buritos for lunch and I'm cool. so kinda a diffrent diet today. partly bc short on grociers and lack of self control and then also I dont wanna make more dishes right now. on my second half of chores i did watch 3hearts church again (diffrent lessons) I'm having a hard time reading thou as in I just dont read i dontsite down and choose to read or pray I put something on or do random things. I do usually pray when laying in bed thou. It apppears I'm doing okay in the savings dept but still I should be wiser and doing bettr and I couldnt pay off my loan tommorw if I wanted yet I have more than i prpjected. still anxous about hte whole screwing up thing and I feel so bad that my screwups and failures kinda really make it hard for me to please nDea just bc everyhing I touch turns to sh!t I feel cursed I swear. I'm trying thou. I dont know. not really much to say I'm failry distracted since ups was just here so id like to geo see what we got.

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