Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2021-07-13 19:19:07 (UTC)

🎵"In The Night, In My Dreams, I'm In Love With You..."🎶

If only my dreams were the fantasies I have prior sleep! I would look forward to sleeping. I would go from over 2 years of not sleeping well or enough to sleeping peacefully and possibly too much. From one extreme to another. I might be fine with this considering all the good sleep I've lacked for so long now. Maybe eventually it would balance itself out to where I was getting enough sleep, not too little or too much. And if sleep were the best thing I had to look forward to in life, sad as it sounds, it is a part of life, it isn't quite death. It's something and something is a hell of a lot better than nothing. Maybe it's just a first small step towards having some kind of enthusiasm in my life. As it stands right now, I don't even look forward to sleep and don't want to (partly because I don't even want it to be the next day 😔).

Of course, I seem to get this way when I get a new crush. I don't even want to say who - I'm embarrassed that I always have a new crush, it seems every few months. One fades, then I get another. I guess that's what crushes are, but I'm like 35. Lol. Anyways... I will try to just look forward to the time I get to fantasize right before I go to sleep. That might encourage me to go to bed at a decent time. To be clear, I don't want lucid dreams, to know I'm dreaming -- then the dream will seem a lot less real while experiencing it! I want to dream of what I fantasize about. It's the same basic fantasy over and over again, which is that my current crush and I are stranded on a deserted island, somehow, alone together. We have to survive and we become best friends and eventually fall in love.

I think I actually know where this fantasy stems from... my husband used to say that I would be happy if we were just on an island together with absolutely no one else there. Yes, I would! I think it's romantic as hell, maybe not in a conventional way, but... speaking of which... just to go on a small tangent for a moment...

Speaking of unconventionally romantic... I think that Gomez and Morticia Addams are the most romantic couple in any movie. They make me swoon! Laugh at me if you wish, but I think Gomez is like a gothic Clark Gable. To be clear, I am referring to the 90's movies and not the TV show. Addams Family Values is especially good.

Anyways... Sweet dreams, everyone (myself, included!)!

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