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2021-07-13 23:50:07 (UTC)

When you got folks like mine..

So my parents are unique and not in a good way. many kids aspire to be like their elders. i don't. i will train my kids if i ever have them to be the exact opposite of my parents. i remember this once incident. i had got my driving license but dad being him didn't allow me to drive the family car. hes annoyingly overprotective and stubborn. this was decades back. so we got pulled over. the cop said you stank of beer and not fit to drive. although he drove like a madman regardless of the alchohol. so the cop asked if i could drive. i said yep with beeming confidence. so he took shotgun. dad and mom at back. and then dad does what he does best. backseat driver! started to give me instructions and i got nervous. then the cop had to tell him to shut his trap and let me drive. and i laughed inside like never before. the cop was calm and cool. parents not so much. you see when shit hits the roof my parents are the last people to help. they are the running in all directions kind. im the cool and calm type.

so dad got a UPS for the tv. so now we have to switch on some multiple switches in a sequence to watch the tele. mom says i don't understand so write the steps and give me. dad says fuck it and removes it all and back to before. he did get irritated cause it aint so complex too. but mom on the other another story.

so he got it with good intention cause if the voltage fluctuates the 40inch Sony smart tv can be fuckeeeddd up.... but my mom has this i don't wanna learn anything new personality which gets irritating at times. this was one of them times...hahahha. shes so stubborn she doesn't even know how to use the computer. ive tried to show but she has closed her mind up good. so i gave up. if you don't wanna learn then no external force can make ya.