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2021-07-13 23:07:05 (UTC)

Discomfortly disconnected.

my friend is having her graduation party and i turned down the invitation. i don't mingle well with indian folks and their form of entertainment. i went there to her house before for a so called party and there was bollywood music. fuckkkkk. it was hell. i said never again. i left early from there. i don't care im not gonna tolerate it for anyone else.

everywhere i go there are relationship quarrels. here i sit. no drama no relationship nothing. i feel empty inside that wish a woman would accept me as her mate. ive tried but no results. makes you feel unwanted after years of disappointments. small part of me also relieved im not tortured by relationship shit.

applesoft is what i call microsoft now with the new launch of windows 11. its a waste. technology is supposed to be accessible to all and not only to the rich.the apple way is forcing us to do stuff their way or not at all.. and now microsoft is heading there too. with so many check lists for running windows 11 not everyone can update to it. then after a few years when windows 10 becomes obsolete you will have to sell your perfectly working computer to buy something we don't need. it happened to windows 7 which was the best and stable and shit and now it's ancient history. imagine the electronic waste which will happen soon. fucccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk. look at windows 11 it isn't even a big change. nothing great which makes me wanna go fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i need this!! its like putting a new android launcher on your phone.

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