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2021-07-13 10:31:30 (UTC)

D day plus 1.5 🏋️‍♂️😉

Well, so far so good. Got two of the 30 mandated workouts done already. Zero vino intake. Hehe. Day two of course so that don’t mean poop!. I cleaned out my fridge from any alcohol and now there is a lot of room in there. Hehe. Boy, what a rude self awakening when you just go with the flow and all of a sudden, change your ways. But I know what to do so one step at a time.

I attended the orientation yesterday at the main gym and it was packed!! So many people. I was a little shocked at the allowed meals. It’s formatted for strength gain so it’s really different from the weight loss diet which I’m used to. So, I will have to modify my meal plan for both strength gain and weight loss. One of the things I saw that was allowed was peanut butter and white rice!!! That wasn’t on the weight loss plan so I’m not going there.

Today’s morning workout was fun. Tabata Tuesday so it was mostly high cardio stuff. Some cuties there as this sin’t my normal shift I attend. Only one dude beside’s me so that was weird.

Light schedule at work so I should be able to start on my new projects. Didn’t need to go to Jury duty today so I’m still on Standby. Maybe tomorrow. Whether I go or not don’t matter. I get paid full pay from my job regardless so meh...I’m good being picked or not. Actually, you’d want me on the jury because unlike most others, they want to just not be there and go home. Me? I get paid so I can put my full attention on the subject at hand.

Another drama free day so far except for my usual morning……… hard issue. Haha. Otherwise, I got this. Life is good.

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