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Through the Looking-Glass
2021-07-13 15:46:10 (UTC)

Fuzzly Magic

Yep, I awoke this morning with a banging headache, all cloudy minded. The architect was the first thing that came into my mind and I thought, "Yes, he is full-on!" My head I think suffered radiation spazziness because we chatted on the phone for seven hours yesterday and the longest stretch of that was for five hours last night. Can't deny we match in every way, it's like we are already together it has been so profoundly otherworldy the way we connect and he feels this too, I have not mentioned this fact but he has and it overwhelms me and I think, "I know exactly what you're talking about! I feel this also!" but I don't say that, he is so incredibly open and freely expressive about everything and I can sense the authenticity in him, which knocks me for six too.

It's the stuff of magic, he is whisking me off my feet and taking the lead in doing so while always checking with me I'm okay with whatever it is.

Last night, before we slept, I sent him a goodnight text as he asked if I could. When I did once again our conversation kicked off and he sent me a screenshot of his conversation with his mother.

You see they live in Dorset, and he lives in Surrey. Often he would go stay at their place and they would go stay at his, so each gets time away. So he invited me to go stay with him for four days in Dorset and he had to let his mother know by Monday evening if he was going to still. He whatsapped their family group and told his mother he is still going next week and she asked him if he was coming alone. He replied, "No, Bonnie is coming with me" then sent her a photo of me! and said, "This is Bonnie, say hello to her ." and his mother replies with, "Oh, hi Bonnie. I hope you enjoy your stay here. You look lovely."

Omg, I nearly died on the spot. I even dropped my phone! Lol, I said to the architect, "Did you really just do that? I haven't even said yes, yet. Plus, it's going to take a lot of juggling about to organise things on my end at such short notice." He said, "Haha, Yes I did. Well, you best get juggling then because I want to romance you and cannot wait to spend quality time with you. You're going to love it! It's all on me, for us."

Well, you know me! Spontaneous, fun, great experiences are my joy and if it's with him, I know it will be an experience worth having that might turn into more.

However, the architect has already told me he is in love with me. He isn't sleeping properly, he says he has never felt so strongly attached to a woman like this before and he has fallen in love with me. He has sent me an early text this morning with two heart emojis on either side his words, "Bonnie. I am in love with you!" and "I love love love you." To which, I replied, "No, you don't. You're only infatuated, feels the same but isn't love." He said, "Then I will prove it to you."

He has organised the place for us to meet on Thursday night and it's super romantic! It's in one of those luxury pods, that has all the fairy lights and things inside it, its an Italian themed romantic pod. I was like, Woah! Haha. He said, "I hope we can close the door because I want it private for us and if you get cold, I've got a soft throw in my car we can put over us."

He has a nice car, a 4x4 Mercedes, he said he will drive us to Dorset, He is so excited about what is going on with us, the feelings, the chemistry is crazy intense on all levels. It's like we need to make up for a lost time, that's how it feels, it's quite a magical feeling. He asked me, "Would you ever get married again?" I said, "If you had asked me this a few years ago I would have said no, but, I am more open to it nowadays."

We have spoken about the sexual sides of us too, and what we enjoy, and we've discussed the ideas around us experimenting together between us and with others but together. We both understand the differences of sex and it's about the couple and how they view things together, what they want together when they explore experiences together.

He has been showing lots of his friends' photos of me, sensible photos and telling them about me, both male and female (mostly they're married couples) and they're all saying they think he has found the woman for him and he should hold onto me. Well, he is certainly doing that because that phone call for five hours last night was certainly a ploy to stop me from messaging back any guys on the dating app. Haha! I think that's kind of hot. I like that.

He has been texting today and after a young black workman guy chatted me up outside my house as I was getting into my car to visit one of my branches. The architect got turned on by knowing this and said, "When you're free let me know, I need to hear your voice again, talk to you." So, I called him after I visited my branch and he spoke to me on the phone for another hour on my journey back. The man is on it. Lol

I think I might have met my guy. I feel like I am in a whirlwind dream. It's all very fast but I contemplate this and think well, matters of the heart when the feelings flood you and everything are so warm and positive and you feel enveloped with this captivating love, it is worthy of its source and I believe this was leading to this because with Mr Builder is all felt so mundane and all sorts of barriers kept happening, big barriers too. Geezus that rain was torrential and started moments before he arrived, he was stuck in a crash on the motorway making him late too. Then he has a fkn stroke for our third date when things might've gotten intimate. I knew I noted and I left the scene, as so to speak and now this.

Well, if things go well Thursday evening, I will likely be going away with him for this romantic, sexy whirlwind. He has told me, "You will not need to pay for anything, just bring your hiking things for walks, casual clothes to relax in and something nice for a meal out at a restaurant and anything else you might want to bring. We can stay three, four or five days, it's up to you."

He already feels like we were meant to be together.