My Boring Ass Life
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2021-07-13 15:12:04 (UTC)

Good Morning! Day 2

My goal today was to sleep 8 or 9 hours, however I since slept 10 hours lol. But I still slept less than yesterday tho!!!! Ironically enough for sleeping less, I feel much more energetic and awake.

On another note, I used to be a BTS and kpop hater in general, however this morning I can't stop listening to black pink lmao. Right now I'm listening to "BOOMBAYAH" while typing this, I feel very ashamed to admit that I enjoy listening to black pink, their music is quite good.

So far this morning I am doing much better than usual. Like for example yesterday it took 5 hours after waking up, to change, to wash my face and I needed an incredible amount of telling myself, "Come' on, you can do this, its just pants they can't hurt you, Come' on I believe in you." However today, the first thing I did after waking up was washing my face, brushing my hair, and brushing my teeth. Yes, I did all of that, I know, I know, I'm amazing. Today I'm going to try to workout, but I doubt I'll do that.

I'm going to try my very very very hardest to make breakfast for myself, and not being very depressed today, only a tiny bit. That is another goal I will be doing today, Lets see how I fare lmao.

Okay thats all that happened this morning, bye my fresh people. =D

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