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2021-07-13 08:54:34 (UTC)

Pretty people

It’s funny how some people manage to look good in a bonnet. Been scrolling through Pinterest and I just can’t seem to find the motivation to get out of bed. School really was my only driving factor.
I really wish I had something to get me up. Maybe it doesn’t matter though.

I’ve wanted to look like others and wanted to look at others. And just those feelings make me want to get up and start my day but the reality being that my looks really aren’t changeable (I don’t plan on plastic surgery…) stops me.

I wish I had something, someone, bent on tearing me from the warmth of my bed for the day because I apparently lack the will to do it myself. Unfortunately, I don’t have an assistant like that. No maids. No other caretakers. Just me and my fickle motivation.

Writing this is a release, not a solution. It does not give me any sudden desire to hop out of bed. I wonder how, or if, I’ll get up.