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2021-07-13 08:25:43 (UTC)

13th TUESDAY at least

Yes, awake and have been most of the night, at my age still awaken with wild dreams or nightmares, and give up and do other stuff until I am able to get a few shut eyes. Tried those videos with black screen television with sounds of rain and so on. Nope they don't work for me, took my pressure and even taking pills for blue pressure still hitting 160/90 , even if have nothing to stress out over. But, this time ,something dealing with dead and they were alive and of course even if dead, that silly gray matter doesn't let you forget no matter how many pills I take. Worst one and even people I didn't know, but did want to know. Make since out of that. Yes, able to remember them, after all they did wake me. Could be cause of this damn news media on the television as firestick also. Even seeing war between China and America over the cost of things being paid in china and Russian money and even the new dollar no longer going to be the American $100.00 but the China $100.00.
At my age, of course I could care less who controls this so called New World Order. Going to be fun as to and how each power in for this control is going to be the winner. China, as well as India have no products even with our sanctions on the Chinese as many countries hate us so much that they would love to see America fall. But, they know it is still the strongest of all worlds, but Russia also picking up steam so I still see China as coming out ahead. No matter how many wars that Biden sends to bomb middle east towns and cities and countries. Back to Americans killed and even killing others here in the states or killing themselves. Stupid people, with life being so short now. Happy Tuesday all my friends and whatever family I have left. Could care less for any of them, but what the hell. Be nice to say Happy Tuesday and now for a heart attack burger.. You don't want to know what that is, but so good and yes even to die for. Hopefully in my sleep as my doctor said will probably happen with not using c-pap. Trouble is I seen where all these damn things were killing people even faster if you didn't use them. Maybe my doctor is a government agent after all. States wants me to use or I'll be dead one day. hmm, need to take this article to where more people die from using this damn machine than those not using it. More later maybe.