If I die today
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2021-07-12 15:21:20 (UTC)

time to write.

I almost forgot to write today. so to be real I'm here with yesterdays purchase of a white claw which I resited but well today getting rid of it. thats that. I'v had all my vitimans today feeling encourage just as far as I FEEL (( althou im sure I screwed up) like I put a little more effort into chores. Lunch was a flop thou but then again I was "trying" something new not a recipe to a T I did my macncheese in the ccrockpot verse the stove and I tried to add in the turkey bacon. I should budgeted my time better and did that. nDea showed me a lot of affection yesterady (not sex which isnt what I needed anyway) . Just pure love. We have a good thing. ran for a total time of 29min and 33sec from time out the yard to return with the dog at about 7 maybe closer to 8 we strated to run then at 19minish we slowed down . Also did my one workout video today. I'm a little dehyrdated was really tired after lunch. yesterday I wieghed in at 112 andd some changed today im 115 so anyhow holding off on more weihting but need to make more better choices. I wateched the fullerton informer today and 3hearts church instead of basicaly bar rescue is my usual watching choice during chores. slow progress alothy i've gotten in already lotsa episodes of shows that dont reflect the life or heart I'd like to have. last night had one melationin. a lot of random thoughts but nothing outstanding as far as my little world and business I do wish I would reconnect with iPatt but just IDK something is stopping me from calling her. Tommorow is a possible date with lCaro unknown time thou. Anyhow this is life. There some smoke moving into the area just firewise and the temps are in 3 digits and dry so day by day seeing whats good. Gotta run my love is home !!

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