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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-07-12 22:23:10 (UTC)

Seven hour vag surge!

Oh my god....the architect has got it bad! Since early this morning and all day long, he has continuously got my attention. We have spoken THREE times on the phone!. The first time I called him as he asked me to after my conference call, that was around an hour. Then he's texting me funny, sexy and interesting stuff the rest of the day until he mentioned, "Oh, you know what would be funny if you signed up to an American site and put this pic of you on it. You'll blow up the site! Haha." he sent me a photo of myself that I took the weekend before last, during the footie match England vs Denmark. I was wearing a lace bralette top, with a white open blouse and black fitted shorts. I held up my glass of rum and took a pic as Mr Builder asked what I was drinking (while he was in the hospital) so I took that pic. Well, the Architect says it's a sexy photo and should use that. Anyway just before I left to drive my car for the school run I responded to him and said, "I'm not an object, you know." He immediately called me and stayed on the phone for the journey and while I waited for my daughter before I ended the call. He asked me can we confirm a day we meet and will I keep considering going away with him next week for four days!

Anyway, I cooked early and my daughter and I ate at 4.30 pm I rustled up another new recipe, which was lovely. As I settled down for a bit before a run on my treadmill, he was texting me and I said to him I am going to go on a dating app to see what messages I received. As I had recently changed my profile pic to a photo of me he suggested I use it to see how many men contact me. He likes that, he is very open-minded. So, he said, "Go for it!" but just as I logged in and read the messages from guys I had short conversations with and another twelve new messages from other guys and I only managed to respond to three guys and the architect came online and messaged me and made me laugh with some silly stuff, and then he called me again! Omg, we have just got off the phone FIVE HOURS Later!! We got to just over two hours and he laughed and said, "Ah, it's only two hours we can do better that!" and on our conversation went. He is really eager to take me away for a few days to Dorset, he was proper selling the beauty of the place and area, how it's oldy worldly, great walks, lovely old pubs and restaurants. He wants me to go with him and told me he isn't bothering with the dating app as he has found the woman for him, referring to me. We have talked and talked about everything and anything, it's almost overwhelming. He is so confident and affectionate but excitingly adventurous and omg I got to see his cock and my mouth watered instantaneously. Fuckin' beautiful!

Before we ended our conversation, we agreed to meet on Thursday evening. He told me despite decorum and pleasantries when we meet he has to kiss me, he must kiss me. Oooh! Erm....we said our goodnights and he asked me to message him a goodnight when I go to bed and like always ended the conversation with the last word saying, "Love you!"

Can't say I am not excited about him, he has fizzled out everyone else on my radar. :D Our sex would be so varied and explosive!

My brain is tired now, I was tired when I woke up this morning and I've been working all day, texting and chatting on the phone for seven hours in total to the architect today! Yep, brain and ear dead...time for my lovely bed.

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