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2021-07-13 00:16:48 (UTC)


You call yourself amazing and unique and you add status names to your name like Pro and Max and Ultra and all of that shit.

You use big ass words to fool the simple minded idiots to stand in line for hours and waste money on you!!

You boast yourself on having the best camera a smartphone has ever seen!!



You don't have the fucking balls, to have a dedicated camera shutter button!!

Go away you liaarrrrrs, you useless piece of brick. You overpriced made of glass and metal showoffs.

I don't give a rats ass!! if you don't have a seperate button for the camera then don't call yourself the best...You fucking poser!!!

Only two sweethearts i ever will call them for their amazing ass!! Nokia and Sony. Cause they have a fucking dedicated camera button which all you rest dont have. You fucking idiots!!!!