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2021-07-12 09:47:18 (UTC)

Wow, this morning thang🧐

So..... first day of my 6 week challenge. Looking to lose 13 lbs. No wine for 6 weeks. I actually somehow made it to yet another 7AM crossfit class. Miracles do happen folks!😱 Got home and started work. Already almost a couple or hrs into it. So by 10AM, I got a lot accomplished. I know there is a thang about people getting up early to get stuff done and is supposedly is the norm for the rich successful people. Well, I for sure thought I was not that guy. hehe. However, I gotta say that there might be something to this getting-up-early crap! Yes, I call it crap because it's not my norm. Gonna work on it though :)

The morning gym peeps are very different from the afternoon peeps. A lot of women and the men are all mostly retired people. So you see? No normal working man in their right mind would hit a crossfit class this early. Funny thing about me is that I can't bend in the morning. We always warm up and I can't touch my fricking toes when we do windmill stretches. Hehe. I look pretty pathetic already wincing and groaning when we're just doing stretches. But then the blood flows. We do jump ropes, dead lifts, overhead presses, Mary Katherines and boom!!! I light up with new life.

So it's my D day today and so far so good. Loving life. We'll see when it's happy hr and I'm not drinking wine to see how "Loving life" mood I'll be in. Ready but nervous about this challenge. We have a test tonight at the gym. We're going to see how strong we are so we'll be doing barbell squats, timing our plank on how long we can hold it and one more that I can't recall.

Well, my 15 min break is up. Gotta go back to the grind.