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2021-07-12 15:32:24 (UTC)

Calling Tomorrowland.

I liked the concept of the movie Tomorrowland. In it, the main theme was what if all the scientists and the artists and the creators decided to change the world and build anything they could imagine. Avoiding all the politics and the corruption. Isn't that a beautiful idea.

in scumland called India, the railways haven't started yet for the public. So one of the factions said they will go on strike if they are not started soon. This is what happens when we have shitheads to run the state and even bigger shitheads living in it.

its insane when the state says they don't have the necessary funds to do some infrastructure work or some shit to help the area. But they got the balls to pay their ministers lavishly for doing nothing. Priorities are all fucked up. America spends billions on their military. Like they are at war all the time. Itsn't it ironical that they say it's to protect the people but the people themselves go hungry and broke so what in the flying fuck are you proteciting. If the terrorist wont kill your people then shitheads at the adminstration will.

Thats why i like dictatorship more than democracy. democracy only works when everyone is in the right state of mind with no hidden agendas and no selfish greed. which neevr happens. so dictatorship under a logical command is the best way to go. What if a vulcan became the head of the planet. Imagine the possibilities. Science would be amazing. No corruption.

i would make a good dictator and a good assassin. I would give complete freedom unless you break the rule. once you break it then death penalty and no backies.

saturday evening was okay, night was deep in depression. Sunday woke up in the afternoon and i developed a cold. sneezing and a stuffy nose. felt like shit. it continued till night. i was literally in bed in the dark most of the day. when youre sick and depressed it's like a double whammyyy...right now at work a bit better but still got the sniffles.

my samsung galaxy phone is in my bag. my daily driver is now the nokia 3310. the revamped one. battery lasts for weeks. good for texting and calls. i can use the other one with wifi for my social media stuff. it's good for a detox from the fast paced technology we are forced to live in. i grew up before whatsapp and all of the online saviness. so this ancient and long forgotten sms texting feels natural to me. im bored of the smartphones. from android to the iphone they all are same to me. nothing interesting or innovative happening there. its all just a brick to me. i mean for how long can the wow factor of a super fast phone or an amazing camera last? a year or so perhaps. then once you get used to your phone another one comes up and you are tempted to pay extra for something you alredy have.


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