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2021-07-12 07:44:25 (UTC)

Two days of thoughts?

‎Monday, ‎July ‎12, ‎2021

Old Mans Room

Two day's of thoughts rolled into another day

Well, did not skip a day, just that July 11 has gone into Monday the 12th as it's 0127 am as I punch the keyboard. Damn one and two keys stick from something, so I do punch those two keys. About time I bought another key board, as this one is old and I get use out of them for sure.
Those of you able to see the above graphic, as had to cut it out and paste it with words as well as format that verzion uses. Just reads "Looks like you're out of high-speed Hotspot.
My kid and his wife were over to adjust my bed as well as install the firestick onto the Television. Jr. was able to get it installed with me yelling what are you doing with the power cord as the tv is already plugged in, as he was going to plug the power cord needed for the firestick, I suppose, but did not make any rhyme or reason as two power outlets in same thing? Well, it worked however he did it. Then neither of us could get any thing on the smart tv with the tiny firestick remote. He adjusted the bed, now probably why I am still up, can't sleep flat or hell can't sleep period. The reset button would not reset on the bed, and remote neither moves or even comes on. But, did reset and fell flat, now won't go in the upper sleep position. He worked on that bed all day, then raised it a few inches by hand some how, but still not correct and gave me a pillow to raise my head from the bed. He did work for hours and finally his wife was ready to leave as she set the firestick and made everything work. But, even that appears to run slower than the direct connection to the Verizon connection. I fooled around with the firestick for awhile until I said to hell with it, and reset it to another channel and re-installed my Verzion and all the programs come in faster again. Not sure why a difference, but guess they will be back over next week to try again. As my kid Jr. needs to get five gallon buckets for the bed. didn't ask why, but told to raise bed higher? Ok? Not going to say nothing more and just see what happens. I think I need a new remote, but then his wife took one remote that I was going to throw away, and replaced the battery's and now have two working remotes, Really three as bought a cheap one from Wallyworld (Walmart) that you had to program yourself. Waste of money, Oh well way it goes at times.
Guess I have a cousin of the family coming up from his wife side of the family and both her boys and one married the other single. They are getting and apartment for the married kid forgot the name already or never told. Mother of the other kid named Josh showed the room that use to be Hershel's and his wife and two kids (not even four or five yet). Guess he is willing to do all the repairs that are needed with Jr's getting the things or material needed for the work. He liked what he seen from the video they were talking on. But, already had plans to get that done also and only told my kid that I was going to rent the master bedroom number one with a full bath and everything since the caretakers Kemps didn't want to take the room over. Surprised me until finally they told me that the bathroom floor needed repaired as a big hole was in the floor. Never told until the sheriff was over because Hershel's and wife got into an argument then were told they had to split up. No ideal what took place their, but since then they now moved over to her dad's house, and when they get into any arguments she brings her husband back to his parents and he sleeps on the sofa or ion his van in the driveway. Something also wrong with his van so he leaves it here until they get there free money for all the child care that commie president Biden has set up every month. Parents included so that means something like $1200.00 every month then he'll probably get van repaired or buy another one. They seem to buy cars every time free money is given out. Can't complain after all I was also given as most of us poor also got along with out social security and SSI payments. In fact waiting to see what this commie president is going to do for all of us without kids and not making 450,000.00 a year if anything. But rumors is all I hear right now with the debt at $30 trillion and never be paid off. When other countries refuse to accept the American dollar then America will see what it is like that we have been doing to other countries since the roman days.
As I said I can't complain because my medications have also been given to me free that costs close to two hundred a month alone along with adult bed linen protection and adult diapers that are useless half the time. But, even co-payments have been stopped until this so called flu is finally put to rest if even in my living time. Already said it is just a plan to have a one world government in charge of everyone. China looks to me to be the runner up unless US decided to use nukes which we have already used against other countries in testing. Since we are sorta of free compared to most countries, we will nuke the world back to the stone age, unless what ever country able to take over without any nukes flying from everywhere. That's the reason for this so called mantuary virus shots and at this time it's bribing people with free things like extra money lotto tickets and whatever else that people will take a shot or two or three to stay alive. Meaning in time they die before their time is take these shots, as never been a cold or flu shot yet able to stop a virus that changes every minute from person to person. But, of course our government use bacterial shots as curing things like TB, Ammonia, and so on. Those are not a virus such as a cold and different strains of flu. But, as I said were headed as one of those third world countries sooner than later and the population needs reduction in order to control because of shortages soon to come like water and food.
After 0200, already oh well guess I'll watch television and cook up or warm up either tacos or a burger. Plus 48 oz. Coke Zero. If not more. Like I said my stories are never in one subject as others pop in my head and really do happen all at the same time for being sure to include all for that period of time for future proof for everyone and for my own protection even. Like James is to be transferred today Monday, to some other mental or adult care center for men in Fortsmith. Like halfway houses for released criminals. Nope, never in jail, but his parole officer has already threatened that because she has the power you know and does as all thugs with power do threaten the families at controlling the family's of the loved one that likes to smoke weed and do drugs. Of course it is called successful drug programs to cure the users. A money making trick by the government to get family's in debt for all these programs. Already spoke my peace on that as well. But, today is Monday, so active to speak on with why that master bedroom is going to a cousin and not as I have been told to another person living outside. The plans are renting for five hundred by the caretakers for extra money. Extra money wasn't needed when renters were forced to move by the caretakers younger son Hershel. As I said Ma caretaker took over that room instead of renting it out for $350 for extra income. Which at the very beginning allowed the caretakers to have to access in keeping property at lease decent. But, going on seven years and been getting worst as my kids said get someone that will like that extra income just to pay all utilities in exchange for rent. They could never afford to get them in their name so left everything as they are today in my name. Of course the kids of the caretakers say they at least placed the trash and cable in their names. I had trash pickup but that was cancelled and trash still in the sheds around the house even still seven years later.
Anyway, I was helping her two kids out more than anything, till talked into getting their parents as care takers and not having to pay rent sounded great. Sounds great to most people today that are homeless because of the bullshit flu thingy. Feel if one caretaker wants to live as separate even if married then they can afford to do without the rental of the master bedroom that one of their kids had for no rent as well. I have to say I take so much from Ricks rent if I have to use my own money from retirement to repairs things when caretakers should have taken care of it in the first place. Being easy and getting things like filters for heat/air unit save's a lot. But, if to lazy to spend even ten dollars a month for filters the useful items will clog up and a repairperson will have to fix or replace. I am tired of replacing big money items because of laziness of not changing a dam filter even. Reason they lose fifty dollars on Electric box $50.00 on pest control. and now as well $50.00 for getting roof repaired for the rainy season that should have been done years ago as well. Cheapest place your going to find is $400.00 if even that then your going to pay for some utilities. After seven years and changes taking place because I am cutting into their drinking money hurts. Well, they also get a few hundred in food stamps which if they get them then I should also get them? Whatever still try and still denied because I own property. Besides, when Ricky agrees to pay five hundred a month and willing to repair things it normally costs more to get the repairs repaired. After all my water faucet on front of house still not done and it will be one day as it is on my list. Told they have one by connecting the faucet next to my master bedroom into laundry room. That right there tells me there not going to get to that, so means in time I will then and it will come from any money of one renter that they have. If they need more money then wife can move in with hubby and rent the room. Hershel will just have to use couch as well as vehicle when his wife and him can't get along for whatever reason. Feel sorry for Hershel's wife Leslie because her dad just retired, and he will find retired is not the same as bringing home money from work. But, as I said I try to help and if it seems to work out that I punish myself as some have stated then so be it. I know what it feels like to be homeless as well as hungry and I don't wish that on anyone. But, when you call in thugs with power to say you have to separate from your wife or husband or go to jail or even prison than you do as the state thugs ask or they will make your life hell for the part of any income you have or had coming for fines or whatever they wish to places costs on like today even living together classes. Oh yes, there is such a program and they are paying the court costs as well as fines as well as the training school set up by different states.
More to follow in days ahead as I always say. Meanwhile enjoy my story. Some places with the pictures and some without for whatever reasons the servers I place them refuse them.

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