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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-07-11 23:57:21 (UTC)

Pee orf, Itai's

Yes, yes.....I already knew we were going to lose at the Euro finals. Much to my disappointment and my sometimes annoying spiritual gifts.

Yeah, I know sounds fucked up BUT after my exceptionally loooong lay-in this morning. I arose from my hot sheets of slumber and as I opened my French doors downstairs in a very dramatic diva like fashion lol (arms swinging them open and taking a deep breath of the fresh air) Immediately I sensed rain.....it wasn't raining....it actually looked fair game for a bit of sunshine but nooooooo, my second sight sensed rain and an image of the football stadium in my mind and then I knew that the rain will come before the match starts and we will lose. (Not because of the rain)

The day continued and sun came out and thought, okaaay perhaps I got that wrong but nope, just as I sat down with two girlfriends (from hiking group) to watch the match around 7pm-ish it started raining at the stadium (on the tele) and I thought, nooooooooooooooooo!

Well, I knew what was coming next and yes England lost on the penalties shootouts 3-2.

For fucksake!

However, all is not lost BECAUSE I may have found love, found my man. There is too much to type now to tell all that happened but tomorrow I shall write about him. It's all very natural and well, what he said to me today left me speechless, literally! Me, speechless? I know!!

Anyway, it's all so incredible that I've got rid of nearly no1, no2 and nearly no3, lol....im just being polite and letting them fizzle their jizzle away from me by being purposefully boring. LMAO

Oh, and my friend took a cool pic of me tonight while I was being a horny dickhead and then she made it b&w and said I looked like a soft porn star....LOL...Ill make it my profile pic when Daddy Diary Creator approves it 👍 Cheers, CN