Do I have no more emotion
2021-07-11 22:32:27 (UTC)

Isn’t happy to meet my guy friend

I’ve been having a guy friend that I’ve been in contact for years, years before my husband. I don’t really talk to my friend as I used to since I’ve married my husband ( 12 years ago). I’ve mention this friend and every time I have mentioned him he would get upset, so I stopped talking to my friend. We just are friends on social media and but never carry a conversation because I feel like I’m being disrespectful to my husband even though I’m not saying or doing anything bad. I ran into my friend at the zoo, he was with his 2 kids and I went up to him and said “hi John!!” And introduced my husband and kids to him and he shook his hands and introduced his kids to us, my husband had a bothered face like he didn’t like me talking to my friend. I had to tell my friend that I’ll see him around we are going to continue to see the other animals, I wanted to chat with him and catch up a little bit my husband looked like he was not interested and it made me fee uncomfortable. Like, why can’t he just get his head out his ass and try to have a conversation with him. I felt bad because we kept running into my friend and his kids, I just pretended I was busy looking at the other animals. My husband had a pissy face through out the whole zoo expirence and didn’t really talk. We are on our way back home and he’s still not saying anything, I feel like asking him what’s wrong but I’m a little upset about how he was acting and don’t want to argue in front of our daughter and baby. Am I in the wrong for this or should I even care??

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