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2021-07-11 10:59:34 (UTC)

Goals and last debaucheries 😈

Today is the last day of my eating and drinking debauchery. One last foo-foo Starbucks drink. One last big ass bad carb meal. One last banana cream pie. Last bottle and a half of wine. Last tastes of charcuterie and cheese.

Come Monday, my food scale gets energized again. It’s been sitting at the corner of my kitchen counter doing nothing. Wine gets packed into the other room. Any white wine in the fridge gets tucked away too. Any candy gets put away out of sight out of mind. Dusting off the container of steel cut oats. Why is that called that anyway? Are oats cut with plastic knives previously? Were previous stones that grinded them made of rubber wheels in the past??? :)

I already attend 5-6 crossfit classes weekly so that’s a non issue. I will need to add some cardio. Either get to the gym early and stay late or do the cardio at home. I figure 30 min extra per day of cardio would be good. So that’s what I’ll do. I need to bring out my pressure cooker and cook a batch of chicken breast to make my meal planning easier to get done. Glad I like chicken. Glad I like broccoli and spinach. Glad I like the acceptable sauces which are usually hot sauces like Frank’s hot sauce. I know the meal plans and the good foods to eat. I got this.

In other news, we have a heat wave going on this weekend. My truck yesterday was recording outside temps of 110°F or 43°C. Just walking from the parking lot to the store was brutal. And you know those guys with nicer vehicles that park far and away from everyone else? Yeah, I’m one of those guys so I’m at the extreme end of the parking lot away from the store. I had to take deep breaths while walking and if there were any shade along my path, I’d detour and take that route. So fricking hot!!!!

I want to go to Denios today to buy some gloves for gym. They're actually construction type gloves but work well for gym stuff. I only have one pair and I’d like to wash them as much as possible so I need more.
Denios is a big flea market and I believe they auction off livestock too. Not for me though. Never had an impulse for cow or goat shopping.

It’s time for a haircut too so I’ll get that done today sometime. Then I need to go grocery shopping for my new meals that I’ll need to prep. Spring salad, broccoli, frozen chicken breast, strawberries, brown rice, mustard, etc, etc.

Anyway, regarding my next six weeks, I’m excited to do this. Goals to reach and I know what the payoff is when reached. I got this. I know it. Just time, effort and dedication is all it’ll take. After that, I’ll maybe buy me a new tux.

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