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me and my life
2021-07-11 15:29:16 (UTC)

Another waste day

Confined! My has confined to house and buying essentials. Its getting boring each day. Nothing to look forward uff am cribbing so much STAAPPPP......
Lets me update on life:
G - has arrived to India finally, he called me before leaving. He told me he will call me send few pics but he did not because he travel was hectic for him like 5 hrs in que and bla bla... thats ok he reaches home safely is important. He did as he reaches home today he just GM me. Which made me qonder that he is quarantined he should have enough time to talk to me but maybe he is busy. I expect from him but endup getting disappointed but i cant do much as we are not in relationship. Ill wait for his msg. Its just that much is happening in his life he is kinda occupied. This is me giving benefit of doubt. Lets see...
I wonder if he is not the one then who is? A so tired mentally now by thinking of this all.

R - he is into his mess of life. He is in deep pit and trying to climb out of it. All the best and sending positive vibes. Nothing much about him. But he is more considerate than G.

V - Oppsss he is no more in life but in mind. Vanish off from my mind too plsss

Interview - it was good but I failed to give answer to one technical question because its been more than 1.5 yr I haven't used that softwarwe rest was ok. But I doubt they will consider me because after that question he immediately calles of the interview he had no more questions. If it has to happen it will...

Today - I cooked korean fried chicken with sauce it was yummmmm absolutely yumm and i was so 😊happy.

Life - fucked up, foggy future and unpredictable, disappointment. God knows whats stored ahead. Phewww everything is so vague...
Theae days I do bottle painting and am loving it, its therapeutic.
I hope I get some newness in life asap. I wanna travel and go for a vacation maldives. Am getting a good package i convinced mom but she is not willing to spend also giving 100 reasons to not to go. That made me upset. Also i feel no one is giving attention on me. All are busy in their life mending their life. They will be why would they care for me. All they can do is just talk some worrying talks abt me and do nothing. People remember me only whem they need me then they thank me and cyaaaaa. I feel upset and trapped. I see no way out.
Todays was A baby shower, she didn't even send me pics i asked twice and she sent me a pic of her gift by her hubby. Why ppl around me are disappointing me A, V, G also R. Am fed up. I want to go somewhere alone cry my lungs out, i feel sometimes helpless, shamed whom do i ask, ask for help or ask why is this all happening.... but i know no one knows.. ill wait, be patient i just dnt want to conclude this with compromise or being sad. Kdramas are my solace. But real life is detachable. Ppl are moving on, new job, marroages, vacations, babies, houses whats up with me. I feel like am stuck in a car in middle of a highway and my fuel is over. I see other cars moving faster ahead and am there still...and i don't know what to do?

Okay my ranting will never end. Cyaa tc . May god bless all.

God bless all