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2021-07-11 00:33:54 (UTC)

Ever Ready, Eddie :)

It's late and I am chilling in bed with my naked titties and my super long messy hair draping over them and I lose myself in some interesting reading on a long document of silent weapons for quiet wars that was found thirteen years ago. And then I receive another text and I think o myself, well I've already said goodnight to No1, No2, No3 and No4 and Phil is deep in conversation with another new lady from the dating app we're both on, lol.

So who was it?

It was ever-ready Eddie, lol :D and his text read, "If England wins tomorrow, you and I need to fuck each other's brains out! *smiley face*" and I thought to myself, yes, he is right, we do. So I reply, "Deal." Then he replies, “9.50pm. I want to be inside your arse.”


No1 - bored me a little tonight until he rolled me back in a little and showed me his cooking skills. Tick! I'm thinking of Wednesday evening for a drink in the pub with him for our date. I let him know tomorrow, he has been waiting for me to make a decision.

No2 - attempted to have a chat on the phone with me today, but I was busy this morning hiking with my pals and then dropped my daughter to her boyfriends, then talked to No 4 on the phone and then wrote here and then chatted to Phil for agessssss and then picked my daughter up and then cooked another new recipe - which turned out banging! I marinated chicken with Chinese seasoning, then cooked it to seal it then cooked it again in honey, rice vinegar and soy sauce and it glazed it beautifully, like sticky chicken, yum! Then I topped it with spring onion, chilli (of course lol, my addiction) and crushed nuts (not the man kind) :D and added some vegetable rice with it and it was boooooooootiful! I sent a pic to my four admirers, and Phil and Vicky and another hiking pal, lol, they all want to come for dinner. Haha! :) Anyways, No2 asked again if we can chat on the phone tomorrow, I said, Sure we can, early afternoon sound good to you?" And he said, "Perfect!!" Lol, when I thought he was an IT guy, turns out he works for a bank in canary wharf as an implementation manager. So I said, "Oh, you're the guy everyone hates when changes have been made then." He laughed and replied with something boring.

No3 - Ughhhhh no, just no, he has a 5-year-old kid. He kept that quiet! See's him every day and every weekend.......Okay, no thanks. Love kids, just not into raising kids all over again, I managed to retain most of my sanity the first time around, not doing it again. I value my life. LOL....ugh, just jog on already. He's out.

No4 - the architect, highly sexed, runs his architect firm and lives in Surrey and is posh totty. He has a three-bed house in the Surrey hills and built a large man cave at the end of his garden that has three rooms in it, it is soundproof and yes, I did get excited thinking its some type of dirty den of dark mysterious things and sexual debauchery (which I enjoy lol) but nope, it is just kitted out with chill stuff, sofas, massive flat-screen, tunage, bar, blah blah blah. He is a bit of a show-off and we all know what the lioness thinks of those, lol, however, the fired and wired men are usually worth a few twirls just for the experience. He is very eager on me and pursuing me heavily.

Anyway's, England's euro finals tomorrowwwwwwwwwww and I am going to pee myself if we win and thanks to the fucked-upness of our crazy world right now, Boris Johnson has granted all the workers to have Monday as a bank holiday IF England wins the finals so no worky-poos for grafting minions of this country if so! Yiiipppeeeeeeee, to be frank, bank holiday or not, I will be skiving anyway chilling on my garden grass, because I know my clients and the vast majority of them will not be physically able to think from drinking the night before. LOL