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2041-08-16 17:23:00 (UTC)

Not Another Teen Movie: Priscilla Best Moments:

Alexa Redona as Priscilla
Frida Cano as Priscilla's Cheer Member
Nerd Girl:
Kim Christine as Janey
Priscilla, there you are.

Jake, I need some

T- to-the-fourth-power-Y.

Some time to talk to you.


It made sense to me, Priscilla.

You're leaving me for this guy?

I'm sorry, Jake.

We met over spring break.

I'm not ordinary.

You're leaving me for this guy?

His name is Les...

...and he's the most beautiful thing

I've ever seen.

And so is his bag.

Janey Briggs,

please report to the office.

Being a foreign exchange student

is scary...

...adjusting to a new school,

a new country.

But you'll find that the students

are very accepting.

- I am so happy to be in America.

- You have a sunny disposition.

- You got your schedule?

- I don't need it.

I come to school to be

object of lust...

...for poor nerds who cannot get

American p*ssy.

Well, isn't that wonderful?

Janey, come in.

This is Areola,

our foreign exchange student.

Janey will show you

to your first class.


- I like your backpack.

- Grazie.

Dude, I heard there's an undercover

reporter posing as a student.

Dude, no way, dude.
"Swallow that thing."

Am I right?

How could Priscilla dump me,

Jake Wyler?

Who does she think she is?

I got two words for you, Jake:

Prom queen, material.

Austin, she's an illusion.

You take away the makeup,

the clothes...

...the way she wears her hair,

the smell of her perfume...

...that cute face she makes

when she's tonguing my balls...

Look, she's replaceable.

Given the right look,

the right boyfriend...

- ...any girl could be prom queen.

- I smell a bet.

Jakey, Jakey,

about to make a big...


I'll pick the most

hopeless girl at this school...

...and I'll bet that you

can't turn her into prom queen.

You're on, Austin.

I'll bet you lose that bet...

...but learn a much more

valuable lesson, and win.

In life, that is.

You're both on.

All right.

Let's find you a prom queen,

Mr. Let's-Find-Me-A-Prom-Queen.

What about her?

Baby's got back.

Hunch, that is.

No, way too easy.

- I have no pigment

- Any girl with a guitar is hot.

I need sunscreen

Even a hippie albino.

She could be prom queen.

What about the Fratelli sisters?

So they're slightly disfigured

and connected.

But combined, those two make up

one pretty decent chick.

- I'd do them!

- I know, Reggie Ray.

I'm looking for somebody

really messed up.

I'm talking about a real shitbomb.

Well, bombs away.

No, no, no, anyone but her!

Not Janey Briggs.

Guys, she's got glasses

and a ponytail.

She's got paint on her overalls!

What is that?

There's no way

she could be prom queen.