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2021-07-10 14:17:23 (UTC)


I knew the psychiatrist wasn't a psychiatrist and I knew he never worked in a secure psychiatric hospital, and that he didn't even work. I knew this after a few days of speaking with him because I knew who he really was, I see him spiritually and 'knew' who he was behind the facade. It's kind of my internal lie detector, it's pretty cool but also unforgiving. Because people are afraid to be themselves, truly, they pick and take only pieces of themselves to show the world, sometimes even themselves. Telling themselves they're something else to who and what they truly feel. My ability see's that real them on the soul level, so you can be whoever you wish to be on the outside when engaging with me, be it over the internet, in person or on the phone and once my interest peaks towards you, I will begin to truly see beyond the mask.

The Psychiatrist thought himself funny when he often would say to me, "Turn to God." and I simply replied, "There is no God." But what I have never explained because quite frankly, it isn't important to anybody else but myself. Is I do not believe in religion's God because I have always known religions God is wrong.

Religion basically states: 'You wanna get into heaven? I know him. You just gotta do this shit for me and then we're cool." Everything that was written was by a man/men with an agenda. It's no coincidence all those rules in the old testament favour, certain men.

Spiritually though, not religiously. It's never bothered me if you believe in God but I think it is what you do with it that matters. If you love prophets, cool, if you want to behead and throw homosexuals off buildings, burn people at stakes, hang and quarter them. Erm, no, that's not okay. So it has never made any sense to me, since I was very young that a religious rule book favours certain people, followers, to be an exact way. Repent mistakes, eat, sleep, pray a certain way, live a certain way. My common sense and sense of truth have always felt these ways of living within a religious belief structured system removes free will of thought, choice and contradicts itself. I've always replied to religious people who tell me to find god, that there is no god in relation to the notion of the religion of their God.

In my world, since I was in primary school, I refused to go to church. They often had the kids walk down the road to visit the church, I went with them a couple of times and the feeling of deceit surged through me, I was young and I was still seeing and learning from spirit (souls not in physical bodies) I didn't understand the mechanics of religion then but I did feel, and that feeling made me very uncomfortable because it did not feel like truth. So, I told the teacher I would not be visiting church any longer, not because I follow evil paths, lol, but because it had always felt wrong to me, a deep sense of half-truths and deception, oozed through my veins and I didn't like its feeling. My parents never christened me, they're both non-practising Christians and so is my older brother and sister. Dad made the decision, not to Christian me, he didn't have a valid reason only that he FELT that I should find my own path. Nowaday's he understands why that happened and neither of them fears physical death anymore. It has changed my dad having me as his daughter, his life was aggressive, angry, violent before I grew more attuned to the spiritual world in my primary school years and he began to witness what went on around me and the things I knew, spoke of. I am a deep minded woman, and I had kept the knowledge discreet for many years, only my closet people were fully aware as I grew up. I could stand in a room of strangers and know them by heart and still I would not mutter a word, holding their emotions inside me trying to control them and disperse them within me, a kind of pinching a bit of their energy to read them, is best described. I am used to people with mental traumas or a sense of being lost, in need, befriending me, I am their unknown source of comfort without them even knowing it. I project youthfulness and adventure inside them without them being aware, to instil a sense of freedom, that they can be whomever they want to be, and lose the sense of rigid must-be ways of being any-way.

I don't sit comfortably with deception, it's an internal blockage for me, especially when deception is used on unknowing religious led people, unattached from themselves, lead by the laws of their churches. I do believe in God, our source, but my god promotes free will, choice, mistakes, learning, respecting nature, appreciating fair distribution to all. My god knows balance, between all. All of nature, all origins, and teaches you to hold yourself accountable of your own free will from lessons you're learning throughout your life. Learning to do so by knowing oneself, understanding what feels right, feels wrong in our own equilibrium, alignment. How our internal judgement and criticism made us feel and adjusting and moving onwards adhering to improving ourselves. That's who God created, warriors to learn from the school of life on Earth.

I know what I think is wrong and right and I don't need a book to tell me this. Yet, my version of wrong and right may be different to another and that's the whole point. Religions criticise people by their beliefs but it is not beliefs that show the truth, it is behaviours and actions. As always, I speak with indifference to what is believed to be the right way to voice myself, because it is one area I need no validation on.

And now there is a new narcissism of self-love plaguing the internet. It's alarming in that their self-love is all-consuming and pushing past the boundaries and properly aimed righteousness of being kind, loving, respectful and appreciative of other people, and of nature, and of what they already have in their lives already. It's a toxic self-love narcissism that embodies these utterly selfish manifestations promoting materialism and the I want, I want, I want and will have attitude.

Lol, it's ruined my TikToking fun.