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2021-07-10 00:47:26 (UTC)


My birthday thoughts are simple and kind.
I was glad to tell the truth all day, to not have to be pissy with family or Facebook
My reputation needs no explanation, I AM AN INSPIRATION

I was binge watching today and I did not realize how much local paternity played in to the reality "scene"
Wow its kind of like "F" on talent just be a dancing crackhead with no ink on and you will make the cut.
Js Jk. I am obviously jealous to be the guarding that opinion.
I promise this year to stay in my lane and choose my battles.

Somebody said if you boldface admit that you a hoe, loose that you cannot be blamed for it.
Through both family holidays, X-mas, Easter and Lent.
I have a bold ass attitude about what's right---and I still defend my femininity and right to pleasure EVERYWHERE
I guess that's why I tattooed pink ugly monarch butterflies up my right arm
and left, the other bare.

Even if I couldn't be with you I pray for you
I wanted to be a producer for an ALL BLACK cast
None of us need the nanny.

I own my loose booty, my racially charged derivative attitude!! who is a freak in private, history, the bed
but quite willing to defend our consciousness and rep anywhere!!

"""So I thank God and the City for my touch back
I wasn't born to do splits, just a kitty cat
fear wasn't in me just a bitty back
Its my birthday party---- so I spit a rap. """"

It ain't been the same since Rocky left
Shame I'm an ostrich and couldn't blow back until royalties expired. Wow about Walmart what can 11:47 say to 11:01 these days

I can't make anybody less fearful, or jealous, or make them do better
you have to believe the sweets in the ether that make
your life worth living. Forgive me for beefin...

ITS 21 TURN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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