If I die today
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2021-07-09 15:20:37 (UTC)


Last night about 9ish was another melation night. Woke up close to 520 this morning . slow day did a walk . I completed my one video this afternoon for excersice after a postive visit with eMichelle. lCaro did call last night so she may have off work Tuesday so who knows maybe we'll get together we got a chance to catch up a little I think it was about 8ish she called but thats okay if we stay in touch I guess I'll tell her nDea's schedule so we have our time together without too many phone calls on the house phone. been a lazy slow day had coffee with eMichell and we caught up we did stop at the mall and looked at cookbooks oh man the price is outragaours but she suggested some sorta libray she has on her phone while I'm not tecy maybe the idea of a real libray isnt bad. She also gave me (us) gifts she got me a "journal" pens cups very sweet encouraging stuff. I paid for storage today so that bill is paid. just thinking not too much revelant here if I pass today well its all the same have fun with my remains. physically nothing noteworthy ailing me same old same old. I'm actually hoping to have something sweet tonight like emoationally with my love some quailty loving time which doesnt mean just sex it may lead to sex or not but just thinking how much I love him and want him so I want him to know that. I do worry that perhaps he is a fixation of the autism so trying to be careful also what if I'm a phsycosocail narsit bc I care about him and I want him to be proud of me and peopke to be happy for him so I want to look good but what if thats all about me. He never actually request me dress a certian way or not and has always liked me as is so maybe I need to get that all in check . thats all thats new today

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