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2021-07-09 09:31:28 (UTC)

Friday morning 🏋️‍♂️

We don't have crossfit on Friday nights so... had to man up to do a morning gym session. And yes, to me it's manning up because I'm not a morning person at all. Anyway, I got up at 5:30AM staggered around a bit finding my way to the much needed coffee press. Feeling lucky there was leftover coffee from the day before. Lower back was still sore and almost didn't go to class but a hot shower helped.

Made it to class and now that I've been to a few Friday morning classes, I'm starting to see familiar faces and getting to know some of them. Anyway, just the initial stretching was brutal. I could not bend over to touch my toes. No windmill toe touches. No bird dogging. However, I eventually got warmed up and the lower back pain went away. Before I knew it, I was back in action and I was 80% better as far as my back was concerned. I just took it a easier on the weights and it was called "Booty Friday" today so most of the workout were in the leg area so my back was able to rest. There was one where we'd do side band stretching with our arms extended. That was sending signals to my lower back but I just tightened my core to compensate and that did the trick. Haha. Just noticed I sound like I'm so full of it huh? 😜 Sorry, didn't mean to. I just get too into it at times and my focus just zooms in on crossfit banter only because we learned so much on how to do things right that it becomes a checklist of things we automatically have in our heads to make sure it's done correctly and not get hurt. But I'm no expert by any means. Just a guy trying to make sure I can keep this body going with as little pain as possible.

If anything, I can open wine bottles in an expert way. I probably can open a bottle and put on my favorite dragon diffuser on it with my eyes closed and probably open it faster than someone with their eyes open :). Skills where it's neeed 🍷🍷🤪

Well, I have a 2 hr meeting starting shortly so it's adios for now diary. Oh yeah, got an invite to go to Bodega Bay CA this weekend. Not sure about that one. It's crab season so.... we shall see.

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