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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-07-09 14:28:48 (UTC)

The Measure of Honour

No matter how high his status,
The grandeur of his ways
Man is no better than his thoughts
No matter the height of his blaze
The measure is of his honour
To capture the truth of his thoughts
And offer authenticity
And burnish brightly his faults
Because in her is the ocean
Reaching the lands of dreams
With every wave, she touches life
And mends it at the seams
She knows of struggle and of flight
And swelling melodies
Of all the sailor's salty tears
And hurtful treacheries
You cannot fool a glistening sea with a moon's pale beam
That rides the rhythm of hurricanes
Grasping all extremes
For she is intrinsically nature
And she's mastered the centuries
Of the man that holds in danger
And insincerities.

Written by me :)
(A romanticised version of the dating scene) :D