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2021-07-16 13:47:00 (UTC)

MLB July 16 GameCenter: Brewers:

1) Team Brewers: Camila Redona, Jorge Torres, Rolando Redona, Sarai V, Laura Campos, Kim Estrada, Jonny S, Gabby C and Alexcia A.
2) Team Reds: Esme Lopez, Alexi M, Ximena D, Ximena A, Mariana C, Mariana Herrera, Nacho Martinez, Paulina N and Tiffani N (OHS).
Delayed: Virtually Play
Warmups: 3:45PM-4:05PM
Arrived: 3:00PM
Cold weather for Team Brewers, Please wear your jackets and pants for the denim to play. No shorts required. Wear your face mask for several times Team Brewers!
Team Brewers Starting Lineups: (There is 1-9 for each people, and switching up the Position players and the Pitchers will be available):

Team Reds Starting Lineups:

Bench Sit down (Brewers):
Bench Sit Down: (Reds):
Bullpen Needs to Be Done (Brewers):
Bullpen Needs to Be Done (Reds):

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