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2021-07-09 10:43:15 (UTC)

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‎Friday, ‎July ‎9, ‎2021

Oldman's Room

Yes, I know posting lot's and it is now only 0547, meaning it's only 5:47 AM. Been up since 1 AM and busy with doing todays work for today, as well checking on many other things. WHICH WILL CAUSE MORE NEWS REPORTING FROM THIS OLD MAN.
My second youngest son John Jr. called at 3 AM, but I had already given him my computer number as my iPhone is next to my bedside, and it rang and rang, but said I already told everyone my new number if I don't answer the iPhone. He being young 51 years old, if you call that still young. I call it old as hell, but I hope I never feel as old as he is getting. Anyway at this time the damn kid called and made me get up from my computer chair to answer the iPhone. He said he was ready to quit his job today, because the place he works at was very late for his check on a payday yesterday. I said I received the money at 0341 this morning. Well it just arrived as he was up at 2AM because he wanted to pay his dad what he borrowed. His job starts at 3AM to 3PM everyday. Told him to quit would make him like the rest of this country homeless! He stated, he was just mad, and he would always move back here. Well, I may have a six bedroom counting two outside and four inside with THree bathrooms, it's not all that great with the lossy people I rent rooms to. But, don't even collect the rent as throw that in for the caretakers to use for electric, water, trash, gas but never charge them rent either. If something is not done in a reasonable time, then I get it done and take it from the free money I allow them to have. A couple moved out a couple years ago to where they get $350.00 a month now as the caretaken lady wanted to have her own room from her husband. So instead of renting that extra room for $350.00, they took it over herself. Yea, $700.00 extra for taking care of this place. I also wonder where that extra cash went when they never have paid me any rent since moving in now seven years ago. But, even after getting mad over things after a period of time they still don't really get nothing done, as I am looking at the place with trash still piled up in sheds and back yard, as well as two rooms needing cleaned up since both there boys James and Hershel moved out. Hershel I never checked or really I never check except outside as I don't want to see more problems as they start costing me dollars as well. But, after doing roof, which is still coming from Ricky's the roomer's rent he pays to them at $50.00 a month for a period of time and even Pest control as well as electric box home upgrade that was $5000.00, at $200.00 per month leaving them $140.00 free money as well as their ssi checks of 740.00 each per month. Yes, they make more than I do even. Retired even with a very small pension of showing for twenty-two years of work still not great. But, if this commie president does what he states and gives Social Security a two hundred dollar a month raise will be good. But, when and if that happens, I think he plans to steal all those pensions from people like he did with so many police departments across the USA. So in reality, not much really being given back to the people or citizens.
Now, back to my son's John Jr. talk about the past as we were always living poor even when his mother and I bought our first house on Grove ave. In Linda, California or really zip is considered Marysville, California. He still goes by that house to see what changes have taken place and how we made it better and better into new places to when I owned four places and rented others out with being taken as the landlords are today.
I said yea they tore down the wash shed as well as filled the basement for whatever reason. But, never replaced the chain link fence that my dad and I put up around the property. Then I said I bet the ground trash can is still there. He broke out laughing and we went on to do what we both were doing. He was working, and I am working on this story. The trash can I digged a hole in the ground next to the front door area to place in a 55 gallon trash can with a lid. That was used for the dogshit I had to pick up daily from my two sometimes three dogs. Yes, even with using lye to cover it the can finally did fill up and another hole was dug and that one never filled up, but I did cover them both with enough soil to where the yard looks no different what so ever. When starting to think of all the repairs I had to make then with kids was a relief to see if you want to you can do anything.
Even at 75 years old and just say you have an income of $2000.00 a month will give you credit enough for a $600.00 a month new vechile. Which I did buy on July 6th, 2021. Don't drive much and will never get to 100,000 miles as don't drive except to doctors appointments and lunch and dinner. Sometimes I'll buy a dozen burgers from Burger king to last me a few days and even many times I order everything delivered even from store restaurants etc. But, will run the car just to get away from here for awhile. Even at less than twenty thousand a year I don't have to file taxes. So, still not rich enough to get any perks from this government. But, the VA has been good at letting me have all medications as well as adult diapers free for over a year now because of this new flu strain. If they want to pay people to stay home and run small business out of business, then people should be able to wake up and see what the future is going to be.
Hell, I had one of Tom's my older son who was killed by doctors on October 10th 2020. Strong word I understand, but if doctors won't try then there allowing murder to take place. No insurance for removing ma tumor on the brain may caused then may not have caused problems. But, who is to know when there murdered and not even trying? A creditor that they wanted to collect past due monies. I said are you serious? The guy was of course after all being the father I am sure you would like to pay off this. I asked and asked what and he would not say unless I could verify if I was Tom's dad. Finally asked if he had any information as to his kids or family after all he was an adult. Yup, he did, but unless I stated my birthdate and ss number and a few other things then he could not tell me anything. Ok, I don't have anything to tell you either. He did mention tom's kids my grandkids and I said you have that correct and then I get more information and he mentioned his other side of kids family which I never met maybe a few times. Finally ended up and I said go put him back together and collect what he owes. As I said he was an adult, and like hell if I am paying any of his bills. Plus I plan on leaving my kills as much to pay off as possible, after all why I buy a new car every few years. Not to mention having fun fighting with dumb ass people daily. As I said remain in my room and I still find problems and want to be controlling people using family members to try and control me like James threatening prison or else. Else? Bring it on is all I have to say to this Bentonville probation officer Angela Driggs. Why I use A. Driggs as not sure how that first name goes. Don't really care either. Just pissed that people don't fight for their rights is all. After all could care less if James goes to jail or prison, he knows what will happen if he walks over that fine line when it comes to thugs with a little power. You can fight them if in the right, but even then it is not as easy as they have those powers of courts fee's and judges wages, and all the other government state, city, county money to collect to go after citizens for fines, and costs etc. Ms. Driggs just had her pride hurt by this old man as I called her lazy not able to control her people under her wing to collect probation fee's etc. Even then these so called jail/prison schools will be added to that list of fines and fees. Like so many business people do today as MrSparky charging $164.54 cash for a job that should have been covered under the five thousand dollar agreement I am paying on till I die. But, even with the co-signer, which is Tom my older son that was murdered can't even pay sice he decided to leave this earthy living bullshit before his time. I know one day I will be placed in the hospital as well need machines to keep me alive. My doctor has that choice to pull the plug only if he feels there is nothing that can be done. But, he also knows that I am set in my ways and outspoken. Like shots I will refuse and he of course gives me paper work saying what can and may happen. Even refused another operation that he states I should get at my age to be on safety side. I said how much safety is he talking about and he said maybe ten years, Hell ten years I'll b 85, so fuck that operation if comes in ten then I lost the game. But I am a gambler from way back and I never fold until I am shown that I can not win. Which makes me wonder about Tom at times as he was a gambler like me and even all my kids believe as I do as well as many grandkids. Just as many don't of course, but that is what makes life so much fun. Ok this should cover most everything until next fight. Now need to work on a lower percent of a loan for this car.

<a href=''>Read my diary.</a> Where the other pages go is not me, but someone wanting to paste my replies for whatever reason . I normally just use, but unless your a member then you will not be taken directly to myworld pages, as there are many other news feeds beside myworld. I may not be there even too much longer as they also wish to start a fee to use the site. I will probably start my own when I find one that is not going to raise fee's every so often when they start getting viewers. I always have others of places to put things as you were able to tell, by searching back to 2012. But, I can go back to day when this internet started at slowwww speed. I use to run what is called a bulletin board at 300, 1200, and up which was only connected by phone with the modem you purchased. No longer is that done as others now run a stack of modems in their office for everyone to get on the internet. Now, Cox, Pacific Bell, At&T, Splint etc. all doing it in a big way of connecting service. One day there will only one world government service that will place people in certain sorted out to retrain those not complying with the social beliefs of your new slave drivers. But, coming very soon!
because of me, so they state. But, really because Karma is catching up to them and showing them what life is really all about. They just no longer can afford it from pot, pills, drinks.

Town no longer on the map in California
Did you know?
Did you know that there is a town Called Paradise in Northern California that just vanished off the map in the matter of hours?
Did you know that people ran for their lives with not a warning in site?
Did you know that on the morning of November 8th over 20,000 people fled through flames and smoke to get to safety because of the neglect of PG&E?
Did you know that the wind was so powerful that day that they warned us they would shut the power off Incase of a fire and they NEVER did!
Did you know many people lost their lives trying to leave the thunderous fireball?
Did you know that some didn’t even have the chance or warning to leave because it was so early most were still asleep?
Did you know that families waiting at the bottom of the hill were so terrified that they may not see their loved ones again?
Did you know that there are still Thousands of people homeless or in RVs and are hanging by a thread to survive?
Did you know that most of these people were denied by FEMA and given very little to no help?
Did you know that insurance companies only pay for so much and are leaving these people a stray?
Did you know that these people still NEED HELP?
Did you know that a lot of these people are moving away from California because they think there is no hope?
Did you know that not only adults but children have lost their homes and have little to nothing left?
Did you know that most of these people are waiting to move back home but can’t because all of these regulations and the insane weather they’ve been having?
Did you know that it may take 2 years to get their water cleared for consumption?
Did you know that people not only lost their homes but lost their jobs too?
Did you know that people lost their pets in fire?
Did you know that towns surrounding Paradise were destroyed as well?
Do you know 85 people lost there lives in the fire?
Did you know???
We need to get the word out that these people are still suffering and need our help and support!
What can we do?
My playlist of movies and news for when I am home. See if you would like to watch any of them. Homeless?

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Missouri Bomb Threat Proven False, Called In While Arkansas Manhunt Underway
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