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2021-07-09 10:33:27 (UTC)

IO tests mean nothing but, then again

‎Friday, ‎July ‎9, ‎2021
Old Man's Room

B.Sc. Biomedical Science

How do people with IQs below 100 behave?

Let me tell you a real story about how IQ can destroy someone. I did two years of biomedical science with a perfect GPA (4.0/4.0). I was finishing exams; first, it took me 5 minutes, and I had the highest grade out of 150 students. A student even compared me to Einstein, and the director of the program wanted me in his lab. When I said no, just by the way I answered, he said I already looked like a professor. I thought I was a genius. Then in 2012, I met a neuropsychologist. She said I had an IQ of 92. Do you want the proof?

Look at the 4th line at the last paragraph bottom of the page. Since I always believed I was smart, this totally startled me. I met my family physician, and he was with his colleague; they told me they tried to affect my self-esteem, so I don’t think I’m smarter than anybody anymore.

Even though some people told me I was brilliant and I had potential, inside, I always had that self-doubt. But what determined is my reaction to that score. Since I knew how the test worked, I invested in activities to make me “smarter,” according to my thought.

Five years later, I got tested again, and to my surprise, my score changed. I went from 92 to 109.

Like Steve Jobs would have said:

1-“It was an awful tasting medicine, but I guess the patient needed it.”

2-“Sometimes, life hit you with a brick, don’t lose faith.”

Oh yeah, and one psychologist diagnosed me instantly me with a personality disorder when I said I was admiring Steve Jobs. You’re going to get attacked on your credibility all the time; the most important is to keep going.

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because of me, so they state. But, really because Karma is catching up to them and showing them what life is really all about. They just no longer can afford it from pot, pills, drinks.

Town no longer on the map in California
Did you know?
Did you know that there is a town Called Paradise in Northern California that just vanished off the map in the matter of hours?
Did you know that people ran for their lives with not a warning in site?
Did you know that on the morning of November 8th over 20,000 people fled through flames and smoke to get to safety because of the neglect of PG&E?
Did you know that the wind was so powerful that day that they warned us they would shut the power off Incase of a fire and they NEVER did!
Did you know many people lost their lives trying to leave the thunderous fireball?
Did you know that some didn’t even have the chance or warning to leave because it was so early most were still asleep?
Did you know that families waiting at the bottom of the hill were so terrified that they may not see their loved ones again?
Did you know that there are still Thousands of people homeless or in RVs and are hanging by a thread to survive?
Did you know that most of these people were denied by FEMA and given very little to no help?
Did you know that insurance companies only pay for so much and are leaving these people a stray?
Did you know that these people still NEED HELP?
Did you know that a lot of these people are moving away from California because they think there is no hope?
Did you know that not only adults but children have lost their homes and have little to nothing left?
Did you know that most of these people are waiting to move back home but can’t because all of these regulations and the insane weather they’ve been having?
Did you know that it may take 2 years to get their water cleared for consumption?
Did you know that people not only lost their homes but lost their jobs too?
Did you know that people lost their pets in fire?
Did you know that towns surrounding Paradise were destroyed as well?
Do you know 85 people lost there lives in the fire?
Did you know???
We need to get the word out that these people are still suffering and need our help and support!
What can we do?
My playlist of movies and news for when I am home. See if you would like to watch any of them. Homeless?

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Missouri Bomb Threat Proven False, Called In While Arkansas Manhunt Underway
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