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2021-07-09 09:40:00 (UTC)

home invasion Arkansas

John Lewis Owner
31 seconds ago
July 9, 2021

The following follows true if a badge carrying thug for that city, county, state already, but as they say a citizen in Arkansas then?

If you were to shoot a home invader in the U.S., how do the police treat you once they arrive?
It depends on the state and the evidence the police gather at the scene.

In many states, the police will try to console you as they take out the trash. They do have to investigate to to determine that I it was self defense. You may spend a night in jail while they gather evidence and decide whether or not charges are warranted.

Assuming they decide it's cut and dried self defense, they thank you for your patience, shake your hand, return your firearm, and say goodbye.

In states without the castle doctrine, or if the evidence is not so cut and dried, you may face manslaughter charges. After that, it depends on the evidence and the jury.

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