By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
2021-07-09 13:37:46 (UTC)


Everyone's endgame is death. Every minute of every day inching slowly till our time comes to leave this physical realm and end our chapter in the book of life. Do not fear death. Accept it.

if i were to die tomorrow i wouldn't change a thing. i know my life hasn't been so good. There are some who are born to lead and be great and rest are here to live and die. nothing more. nothing less. do you work. then die. and in your short time on earth maybe make a legacy for yourself. good or bad is your choice. or you die and be forgotten. millions of homeless who die. who we never know about. you think they wanted that? to die alone. nobody to remember them?

i don't think religion is just. the high priests live in luxury while their followers die of hunger. thats just bad management. and if your god is okay with it then i don't think your god is a right fit. isn't it strange in all religions the leaders always live in good quarters while the rest of them are left to die. to build monuments and churches to please the divine one. but leave the rest without a roof to protect them. thats not god. thats typical man behavior.

Looking at Star trek fisrt contact when Piccard tells her that mankind has moved away from personal wealth and it's no longer a striving force for the good of mankind. that shit will never ever happen in real. Never. As long as we have religion as a major driving force for the sheep of mankind then we can't be united to achieve a single goal. Any futuristic scifi show will be void of religion and god. thats they whole beauty of it. these people who made up these shows got it that we don't need this old dogma to make us work for the better of humanity. money gives you power over everyone else. without it you are nothing. thats the world we live in. rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. thats how the world works. so to fight a common enemy we ain't got a good start at it. everything costs money. to live and breath right now you are paying for it one way or the other. theres not denying it. from rent to your meals to the threads you wear... everything has a price. to remove money from the equation is not possible. humans are too petty and selfish. they can't work united. in small ways yes. but for all of manking no.

We can't even get people to wear a fucking mask and you expect world peace? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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