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2021-07-08 18:58:54 (UTC)

OUCH Dang it!!! 😤

Work flew by so quickly today. Love it when that happens. Then it was time to play. Crossfit class was brutal today. How brutal was it? After class, It was hard getting out of my truck. I'm thinking how it may not have been the best idea to lift it and get bigger tires. But no...had to be the cool guy with the cool truck. I know what station did it too. It was when we were doing diagonal chops with elbows locked and fully extended ( I guess locked is fully extended huh?doh!) with a wall ball while doing a lunge while twisting your core 90° to get those core muscles stretched. Well..... it mucked me up. My lower back told me to go to hell in it's own way. Now I hurt. I did meet a few new peeps at the gym though so that was nice.

Driving home, I went to get dinner at the supermarket. Staggered my way to the deli section and got my grub. Bought a Chinese combo plate which will for sure knock me out 30 min after I'm done eating it. I figure I better post something now before it's lights out. Gonna pop a leftover Norco that I had from my surgery last year too. That should take care of me for the night.

Almost forgot. We had a small earthquake today. I felt a little shaking and to be honest, I thought it was residual buzzing from last night's tequila. But when I saw the kitchen cabinets moving on their own, I knew it wasn't that. Checked the US earthquake site and we did have a couple earthquakes less that 100 miles away from us.,-122.45224&extent=39.04265,-120.91415

Eating dinner now and chatting with a new friend. Always cool to be chatting with a new friend that you meet. Makes your world just a little brighter don't you think? Well, at least I think so. It just hit me that tomorrow is already Friday!! I didn't even get to check to see what my peeps are doing this weekend. Woohoo!!!