Yvonne Lovejoy

Yvonne's Journal
2021-07-08 21:29:47 (UTC)

8th of July, 2021

9:30 PM CEST

I lied. Last entry (two days ago) I said that I'd be the only one to ever read this. Not entirely true. There is one other person who I trust (the only one really) with my personal thoughts and that's my only real friend (so far). Her name is Maia. I call her Mia. I think everyone who knows her does?

Mia, if you're reading this...I have no idea what you're thinking, so I'm just gonna say, "Hey!"

Awkward. Like me. It's my basic personality. "Awkward spirit blob".

That didn't make any sense, but it's cute, so I'll stick with it. "Thy name is Yvonne, and you're an awkward spirit blob of ANGST and PAAAIN."

I'm strange. But you know that by now so, moving on.

This summer has sucked majorly. Aren't summers supposed to be FUN? Where did the fun go? Maybe I grew up and had the epiphany that summers weren't actually all that exciting. Which I did...why did I say "maybe"?

Summer holidays (or vacation) are an annual event of boredom. And they only happen once a year. This is probably why one spends the entire year convincing oneself that one can't wait until school is out for the summer, and once that actually happens...silence. Crickets chirp in the background and the temptation to run away from home grows by the hour.

That last one was a personal desire.

On a happier note, I got a new bike yesterday! And with that comes freedom. And with freedom comes temptation.

If I had been totally alone (no houses, no people) riding past that meadow I would definitely have thrown my head back and screamed into the sky, "I'M FREE! I'M FRREEEEE MOTHERFUCKERS!" before riding off into the sunset, (it was like, 7'something PM) never to return.

Which is totally understandable...don't you think?

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